Friday, 9 February 2018

Feb Update - Resolutions and Procrastinating

Hi guys

Hope your all well.
Again apologies for not blogging as much as I'd have liked.
Hopeful I've still some followers left and people still look at my blog.
I've read that for a popular blog it's about the content but also how often you blog.  The more posts equals more views.

Well so far my resolution to write each day is kaput. This is why I don't like making them.

I've had a few distractions though - firstly new hours at work mean I'm home later and usually tired so once I'm used to it hope to get some writing in.

Also been watching Booktubes which I said I was cutting down on but haven't- yet.
Lastly I got an all in one console off Facebook which has nearly 2000 classic games like Mario, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Cannon Fodder and many more which are from about 10 gaming systems including SNES, Megadrive ect..

Also because of the distractions I haven't read enough either so still on Helen Cadburys Bones in the Nest.  Want to finish and review this weekend!

By next week I am sure I will be writing something - I may even share on here - right off to read my book.

Till next time guys!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Star Wars - The Last Jedi - Film Review (spoilers)

Hi Guys

Went to see the eighth Star Wars movie just before Xmas and went into it with high expectations and tried to keep as spoiler free as possible.  So this meant I was very excited as the film before it - The Force Awakens - is one of my favourite Star Wars films which I felt gave the story as a whole and franchise a fresh start.
The previous film re-intoduced us to firm old favourites including Leia, Han Solo,  Chewie,  Luke and the Droids.
It also introduced new characters including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren(Ben Solo), Snoke and BB8.
For me it was the perfect mix so was looking forward to seeing where they would take the new and old characters and how they would interact.

Starting off from TFA as Rey passes the lightsaber to Luke it takes a dark path as Luke has lost his Jedi faith and has shut himself away from the Force waiting to die.
He reluctantly agrees to train Rey although you don't see much of this.  Rey mean while is talking to Kylo Ren via the Force as he is trying to seduce her to the Dark side.

The remaining tag tag crew of the Galactica - I mean the Rebellion led by Leia (Carrie Fishers last role), are being pursued by Snoke and the First Order who now has the ability to track ships through Hyperspace.

Finn wakes up and together with ace pilot Poe have a plan to find a guy who can get them onto the First Order main ship and turn the tracker off.

And that is basically it I felt the plot wasn't good and pissed off never saw much of Snoke or his back story or a fight between him and Luke.
Luke was a little short changed and to say his story has been the main focus for many of the films.

Overall - some great effects and a couple of good character moments let down by a plodding middle and a few characters I didn't care about like Finn.

Plus some of it didn't make sense - the Rebellion ship was running out of fuel in the middle of no where then suddenly a planet is nearby which they didn't mention when came out of Hyperspace and it just happens to be an old Rebellion base.
Didn't go as I expected maybe that's a good thing but we will find out in final film of the series even though the original characters all but gone.

Score  -      not 100% sure on this might have to watch again but for now 7/10

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 - writing year ahead!

Hi Guys

Happy New Year  - hope you had great time celebrating.

Personally I'm glad 2017 is over as it's had more downs than ups.  Firstly I haven't been well and had my first bout of stress.
Then my Step dad was ill then passed away.

Writing wise 2017 has been a disaster - not written anything about from a few blog posts.
Reading wise I've read quite a few books for me - around 5 - although not great due to events in second half of year. It should have been double.

So what to expect in 2018 ...........

Well I'm definitely going to read more this year as got even more books over Xmas.

I'm also going to try to write every day this year whether it's just notes, a blog post, a short story or part of a novel.
By the end of 2018 I want to finish a full draft of a novel.
I might try doing a Booktube or at least a few vlogs.

I also want to go to more author and literature events in 2018.

So wish me luck folks and hope you also have fantastic and productive 2018.


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Xmas

Hi guys

Sorry I haven't blogged in ages been bit hectic from end of October till now as I may have touched upon in past blogs.
But been busy with a recent bereavement plus with Xmas and work so not had chance to write or read let alone blog.

So in terms of blogging been a wash out as I think this is the first one I've done in December.

But got a few posts to do in next few days including Star Wars - Last Jedi - review plus my plans for 2018 .  This may include a return of Janowrimo which I did a few years back with some writers from Cleck writing group.
It's the same as Nanowrimo but in January instead of November and helps set you up for the year.

Anyway hope Santa brings you what you want.

Merry Christmas folks !  X

Monday, 4 December 2017

Paddington 2 - Film Review

The other week took Bel to see the sequel to 2014 film Paddington which I sadly haven't reviewed but after watching it the night before the sequel would have scored it 8/10.

This takes place a few years after and Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw)  is now settled in the Brown family led by the father Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville) who is great in both.
The rest of the cast are great too in particular Hugh Grant as the villain Phoenix Buchanan a failed actor who seeks an old treasure in a rare picture book of London which Paddington was hoping to buy for his Auntie 100th birthday.

Through his acting he sets Paddington up for the theft which sees the marmalade loving bear going to prison in some hilarious scenes.

As well as Hugh Grants excellent performance (I hope to see him more in films as he's been away too long and now acts more than the bumbling brit he was famous for.)
Other great actors are fun to watch including departing Doctor Who Peter Capaldi , Jim Braoadbent and Julie Walters.

Overall -  the film has some great funny scenes and just that tiny bit better than the first film -  here's to a third film!

Bels Score   -   10/10

My score     -   9/10

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Justice League - Film Review

Hi guys

Recently went to see Justice League the latest in the DCEU which follows on from Wonder Woman and more importantly Batman Vs Superman.

The latter film was panned critically but I enjoyed it giving it 9/10 when I reviewed it last year and even though the production for Justice League has been in turmoil with Director Zac Snyder leaving and Joss Wheadon from Avengers coming in to do re-shoots.

The film does suffer slightly from the production hassle but I think the main problem is how similar it feels to Avengers even down to the Mother boxes in the film which can destroy life on Earth being like the Tesseract in Avengers.

Another problem is Steppenwolf who is the CGI big bad looks like a PlayStation 3 end boss and his motive isn't right good.

The film I felt needed to be longer as some of the cast don't get enough screen time and are a bit wasted including J K Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Amy Adams as Louis Lane.

The film is set after Batman Vs Superman and hope has left the Earth after Supermans death.
Bruce Wayne/Batman again played by Ben Affleck knows there is an invasion coming due to his future vision and finding Parademons around Gotham so enlists the help of Wonder Woman played again by Gal Gadot and new recruits Cyborg - Ray Fisher, Aquaman - Jason Momoa and Flash - Ezra Miller.

Plus - SPOILERS - they use one of the boxes to bring back Superman - Henry Cavill.

Overall there are some great action scenes and character moments including Cyborg relationship with his Dad.  I loved when Superman came back confused and fought the league he wiped the floor with them.

Hopefully there will be a sequel which looks to be set up in post credit scene. 

Score    -    8/10

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Nanowrimo-less and a death

Hi guys

Hope your all busy reading and writing.

I was meant to get stuck into Nanowrimo this year as want to send a submission off by end of December to Angry Robot as they have open submissions on going till 31 December.

Sadly as always does in November something goes wrong.  In this case the sickness, decline and eventual passing of my Steddad who I've known for 22 years.  This is longer than my actual Dad as he died when I was 15.

Because of this the notes I was going to make in October got finished last week and I definitely won't be hitting the Nano monthly target of 50,000 words.

So have decided will try a mad sprint in final week despite a funeral looming and aim for 15,000 words which is better than nothing and it's what he would have wanted.

So RIP Pat xx

Catch you all laters.