Thursday, 17 November 2016

Book Review - Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather

To fill the time on my commute to work when I'm not reading one of my normal, physical, lovely smelling books  (which I have lots to read).  I downloaded Matthew Mathers Cyberstorm to my phones Kindle App.

I think I got it free on a promotion and was a worthy read.

Set in the near future or future present it tells the story of what happens when the Internet and world communications plus power is targeted and goes down.  Throw into this the worst snowy winter for years and freezing temperatures and it's a realistic Apocalyptic event.

Seen from the POV of main character Mike Mitchel an IT fixer who luckily has some knowledge of what could be happening things go from bad to worse.
From his paranoia about his wife who could be having an affair ,  looking after his son and calming down doom monger and best friend Chuck.  Mike suddenly finds himself and his family and neighbours fighting for their lives with no power, communication and heat.  Plus dwindling food and water supplies.

It is an eye opener of a book especially because of the news recently with Russia allegedly hacking USA systems and makes you realise how easily this could happen at some point.

The characters are well thought out although some of the minor ones have little to do but this could be because it is from a first person perspective and seeing the events through one persons eyes.  This was a problem for me mainly because I I normally read third person books.  So because of this it was a bit awkward to get into at first.
Also there is too much talking of what could be going on with the Internet which goes into detail which can stall the action.

Overall  -  a realistic Apocalyptic novel which makes you think what could happen including after a few weeks lice infestations -  yuck.   But more action would have been better.

Score  -  7/10

Doctor Strange - Film Review

As part of my 40th birthday was treated to see the new Doctor Strange film.

Although it's a Marvel film I wasn't too fussed about seeing it as many moons ago when I read comics Doctor Strange was my least favourite character as he didn't have any superpowers in the Superhero sense.
Plus he was spouted spells like 'I summon the chain of argon'.  Which seemed rubbish .

After seeing the trailer for the film with its Inception style cityscapes I still wasn't sold.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange ace Surgeon and overall genius (similar to Tony Stark), it starts with his ego and being on the phone while driving leading to a spectacular crash which has him damaging his hands and thus ruining his career.

Doctor Strange is willing to do anything to get his shaking hands mended and eventually ends up in Tibet in a ancient compound of Kama-taj .
Here The Ancient One (played by a bald Tilda Swinton) teaches him the ancient arts and the path to enlightenment and self healing.
Plus out of body shenanigans and multiple universes.

Unfortunately Mads Mikklesens evil Sorcerer with a long name is trying to summon a powerful demon from the Dark dimension.  This leads to magical fights, dimension city altering chases and a lot of fun.

I have to admit the acting from the cast, the action and special effects are great.  Also the story is good and it is something new from Marvels expanding universe.
Although Doctor Strange's character and journey is similar to Tony Stark and in the end he too stops thinking of himself after an injury and helps others and accepts his new role.

Overall  -  a fun new take on Superhero movies with a strong cast although sometimes seems like I've seen it before.

Score   -   8/10

Friday, 11 November 2016

40 Already - where does the time go

Hi guys

Sadly not done much writing even for NanoWrimo!

Was going to do some in my days off but have decided to celebrate my 40th birthday.   Had a great day in York.
Still can't believe how old I am.  Luckily inside I still feel 19.

Had high hopes that by 40 would be a successful author or at least be published or at least to have finished a first draft or two.

So now I'm 40 I best get a move on and get writing even more!  Be a shame to waste my ideas and dreams.

So speak soon.  Busy writing x