Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Update/ Holiday

Hi Guys

Long time no blog again!

As far as writing goes haven't done any for the last two weeks as been on holiday from work including writing.  I have been on holiday to sunny Cleethorpes with my daughter and Mum - which was enjoyable although the weather wasn't great - that's great British weather for you!!

But did get to go to cinema with daughter to watch The Nut Job - quick score - 6/10 - was good for kids but quite forgettable with ok animation and made in South Korea!

Well other than going to Cleethorpes and chilling out at home I have been reading and still attending Cleckheaton Writers Group meetings.

Here's a quick run of the last meet - had a new member called the ninth Doctor - I mean Steven who was dressed similar to Christopher Eccelston's Doctor.  He has been working in script writing for around 25 years and is a script consultant specializing on how the stories are told.

He gave the group some good advice on story structure and gave advice to Karen who had two stories to share which were very good and in a similar vein involving demons.  Andy also shared a good steampunk story and hope to hear more soon.

Well not done anything else to be honest except the Ice Bucket challenge everyone is doing at the moment - there are some good videos with people getting soaked out there although I feel it's wearing a bit thin - but it's for good causes - ASL and Macmillan - mine wasn't great like the ones on construction sites ect.  My fave at the moment is still the Patrick Stewart one - the smoothie - lol

I may try to upload the video up to the blog if remember and can do it.

Well from this weekend going to get back into my writing as haven't done any for ages and the rest of the CWG have been busy writing loads!!

Till next time guys

Neil x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

CWG Meeting - 04/08/2014

Hi guys

How you all doing?

Well was a very eventful meeting at Cleckheaton Writers Group at Cleckheaton Library - keep it open!

Firstly when I arrived waiting was Pauline and ......... Stephen King!
He had heard about our online petition to save Cleckheaton Library and decided to show his face with camera crew in tow to highlight it's plight.  He also signed and gave me and Pauline his newest novels and did a hour writing course with us giving tips and advice and Agent contacts.!

Nope if only  - lol

I turned up about ten minutes late and only Pauline was there!  So we stayed till 6:30pm to see if any late arrivals then left.  Whilst there we chatted about what we was working on - I had blogged a few times - that's it I'm afraid.

Pauline was telling me about an Author she had been typing manuscripts up for who has landed a publishing deal  - His name is Harry Gallagher - his novel Poor Man's Gold is out NOW and meant to be hilarious - Harry is at Waterstone's in Leeds on Saturday 30th August to do a book signing 11:30am to 13:30pm.

Well after a no show myself and Pauline were bit annoyed as Pauline asked the staff if they had a petition to sign and they advised to go online to sign it - all very well but a lot of older readers who go may not be online or know about any petition as I didn't spot any notices up advertising it.

Oh well any Libraries with a writers group in the evening in West Yorkshire any one knows off let me know.

May not blog for a week as Saturday off to sunny Cleethorpes with the daughter.!

See ya folks

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Image result for dawn of the planet of the apes

Hi Guys

Went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes over the weekend and it is as good as it's Prequel Rise of the Planet of the Apes - crikey the titles are a mouthful alone.

This film takes place ten years after the events of Rise and most of the human population has been wiped out by the Simian virus which was shown in post credits of Rise.  Caesar the intelligent chimp is now in charge of a growing population of intelligent chimps with a huge town like structure which they live in.  Caesar also has a son - Blue eyes - and his missus has just given birth to a baby chimp - aww cute.  

Sadly his wife is dying - luckily one of the last pockets of humans arrive and the doctor saves her.  Koba is Caesars second in command - in Rise he was badly scarred distrusts the humans and takes over from Caesar implying the humans have shot him.

The fighting then begins with Gary Oldman's character who is in charge of the humans wanting all apes dead.

It's an excellent film with a lot more action than the prequel and all actors are very good in particular Gary Oldman as the leader of the humans,  Jason Clark who plays Malcolm who befriends the apes and of course Andy Serkis who dons the motion capture suit again to play Caesar.

Overall better action which brings the story of the Planet of the Apes forward with very good realistic chimp effects.  It will be interesting to see where they go next with the franchise especially if they are building it up to the original Planet of the Apes film.

Score - More monkeying around    9/10