Monday, 25 March 2013

A Child's Confusions of War

Hi again
As I'm still writing my own short stories I thought I would share a poem my Dad wrote many years ago - probably in the late sixties or seventies.  Sadly Dad passed away over 20 years ago and only wrote a few when younger which is a shame and I wish I had encouraged him to write more or some fiction.
He was in the army in Duke of Wellingtons for a number of years and traveled the world.
Well enjoy

A Child's Confusion of War

Oh Daddy please don't hurt me
Or ever make me cry
As I wish to save my teardrops
For those who have to die
Then I'll cry a thousand tears
For those I do not know
As it may save a little boy
The teardrops he doesn't know
As he will never have a Daddy
To love and scald him so
As he will be an orphan boy
And he will never know
So please don't hurt
Or make me cry
As I wish to save my teardrops
For those who have to die


Well the snow and Ice is getting to me now as it probably is everyone else in Britain!!
Doesn't help twisting my ankle on the ice although this now gives me chance to catch up on my blog and writing!
Haven't done too much writing and have been gutted I missed the Huddersfield Literature Festival as wanted to meet Jeremy Dyson who co-wrote The League of Gentleman.
What I have been doing is reading - won't be long till I finish Wizards 1st Rule now - lol.

Well I'm off to write in a blanket as can't afford the heating lol

See you soon

Monday, 11 March 2013


Hi Guys

Haven't posted in about 3 weeks so thought best update you on what I've been doing.

Firstly I still done little writing and still can't get onto Karens blog or any others including my own to read and review.
Have been to Writers group last week with CWG on Monday 4th March which was very productive.  We have a new member called Daniela - she is of Italian origin and writes women's fiction.  She already has a novel or 2 published and shared a very good short story which showed the horrors of drinking.
Karen also shared her short story which she may put into her serial killer novel - that was very good too and can see it working in it.
We also discussed Huddersfield Literature Festival - hoping to go this weekend coming up to see Jeremy Dyson - he was a script writer on the excellent, dark and funny League of Gents.

Other that bit of writing and blogging still reading Wizards First Rule - lol

And really enjoyed Being Human's last ever episode which aired last night - Sunday 10th March - very good and left the ending open to interpretation.  It was a shame it has ended as I really liked the characters of Tom, Hal and Alex better than the original cast as i missed quite a few episodes from series 2 and 3.  May have to treat myself to the DVD's - talking of which - the DVD of the last series has an extra clip on it which lets you know what has really happened to the trio - think that's on my shopping list!

Well will post later this week - maybe with something new for you to read???