Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Chase in Time

Here at last the Doctor Who fan fiction story - enjoy

The tall man stopped at the kerbside out of breath.  He waved out his slim gangly arms calling out loud.
“Taxi”. He shouted.
After a few moments a black and white cab, pulled up beside him.
He opened up the back passenger door and sprang in.  Sitting down was uncomfortable.  It wasn’t that he was too fat.  He was slim but his knees were squashed up against the front passenger seat. 

Bert was the taxi driver.  Been one almost all his life.  Forty five years young with a totally bald shiny head.  He groaned as his fat tummy rested over the bottom of the steering wheel.  He too was uncomfortable.  And squashed. 
Bert creaked his bull neck around as much as he could to look at his next meal ticket.  He saw a thin young man with a strange angular long head and wavy brown hair.  The strangers dark, deep set eyes sparkled at him and the stranger smiled wildly.
“This is the part where you ask where I’m going right?” asked the stranger, looking at his watch.
He was clearly flustered and needed to be somewhere in a hurry.
“Oh yeah.. I sorry guvnor.   Where to?”
“Just drive down this road for now.  I’ll let you know soon where to go.  Thanks Bert”.
Bert was shocked.  “How you know my name?”
“It says on your licence,” replied the stranger pointing a bony finger to Bert’s license above the dashboard.  It was his taxi licence.  Bert sometimes forgot it was there as no passengers had used his name before.  He didn’t like customers being too familiar with him.

It was a Sunday in town so the roads and pavements were fairly quiet.  Plus at five o’ clock most shops had long been shut.
Even so Bert drove slowly down the road.  He wasn’t sure if the stranger would change their direction at any moment.  It also gave him the chance to give the stranger another look over through his mirror.  He was very odd looking.  For a young man his dress sense was atrocious.  No one wore tweed jackets and bow ties anymore.  Unless they were geography teachers or fancy dress.
The stranger suddenly took what looked like a torch out of an inside pocket of his tweed jacket.  It buzzed and whirred and a green light shone at the top.  The stranger  studied it closely.
“Nearly caught up.” He muttered.  He then looked up at Bert staring at him in the mirror and smiled.
He leaned forward between the driver and passenger seats.  He stared at the contents on the passenger side.
“Mmmm jelly babies.  My favourites.  May I?”
“Of course,” replied Bert.
The stranger reached over to a paper bag on the passenger seat and took a few, popping one into his mouth.
“Now Bert,” he munched. “ Things may get a bit weird but there’s nothing to worry about.  I’m here to sort things out.  I made a bit of a boo boo to be honest.”
“Here what you on about.  Have you any money for this ride?”
Bert had had trouble before,  customers jumping in and messing him about and running off and not paying.
“Stop the car,” screamed the stranger.  “I’ll just be a minute.  By the way I’m the Doctor.”
“Doctor Who?” asked Bert . But the stranger had already stepped out of the taxi and made his way to a cash point.  Bert watched as the Doctor pulled out the whirring green torch thing and pointed it at the ATM machine.
“He’s having a giraffe,” said Bert out loud.
Suddenly the ATM machine spat out lots of twenty pound notes as the Doctor pocketed a few and raced back to the taxi.
“Go.”  He shouted. 
Bert set off but in the rear view mirror he saw the cash machine spewing out even more money.  Out of control it was.

“Is it Valentines day?” asked the Doctor, again peaking between the front seats and looking at a card on  the passenger seat next to the bag of jelly babies.

“Er yes it is.  It’s for my wife.” Replied Bert.
“Very nice.  How long you been married Bert?”
“Bout 20 years Guv,”
“It’s Doctor.  Is that all you’ve got her after 20 years?”
“All I could afford.”
“Well the old Doctor here can help you out Bert,”
Bert slowed down the taxi as he watched the Doctor on the back seat rifle through his tweed jacket’s inside pocket.  The Doctor suddenly pulled out a large alarm clock.
“That’s not it, hold on got it,”
Next he pulled out a red telescope and threw it onto the seat next to him.
“Nearly had it then,” he exclaimed.
Bert had now stopped at a set of traffic lights as the Doctor then pulled out a slightly dry but beautiful bouquet of mixed colourful  flowers.
“There you go Bert give the Mrs these,”
“Ohh Guv . .. . I mean Doctor you didn’t have to.  Ere how did you have all that in your small jacket pocket?”
“The pocket’s bigger on the inside,” smiled the Doctor.
The green lit torch suddenly whirred and flashed like crazy.  It opened up slightly.  The Doctor studied it intently and smiled.
“Found her.” He shouted excitedly.  “Next left Bert,”
Bert took the corner and the Doctor pressed his face up against the window looking up to the rooftops. 
“There she is,”

Bert looked out his window and saw a strange shadow on the ground moving fast and leaping over the buildings.  He daren’t look up to the rooftops.
“Next left,” shouted the Doctor.
As they rounded the corner the sound of screaming hit their ears as people ran in all directions.  Most were running from a large Off Licence store.
A middle aged woman ran up to the taxi screaming.
“Monster in the shop, let me in.  Let me in,” she yelled grabbing at the door handle.
“Let me out, stay here Bert might get messy,”  the Doctor opened the door and left the cab leaving the woman sat in the back puffing out of breath.
Bert watched the tall man walk confidently to the store entrance, his green lit torch  held out in front of him. 
Curiosity got the better of Bert and with a sigh and against the woman’s protests Bert nervously left his taxi and slowly followed the Doctor into the store.
Behind the counter a small Asian woman cowered in a corner muttering, eyes wide open.  The Doctor was out of sight.  Bert walked round a couple of aisles until he suddenly spotted the gangly Doctor stood on a freezer unit waving a string of sausages around. 
Bert thought the Doctor looked very funny and chuckled until his eye caught a small movement  to the left of the Doctor.   At first it looked like a large lizard but as it’s big green eyes gazed from the sausages to Bert it made him freeze in terror.

There stood in the aisles was a velociraptor.  Stretching its muscular hind legs to get a better look at Bert over a chest freezer.  It s front arms outstretched clicking big sharp claws on the glass.  It looked beautiful.  It had small feathers over light green skin which shone under the shops lights. 

It started moving towards Bert.  He was rooted to the spot with fear.  His insignificant forty five years of life flashed before his eyes.  He was going to die.
“Hoy over here.  Look got you some lovely sausages,” shouted the  Doctor banging a string of sausages in the freezer top.
The dinosaur turned and trotted towards the Doctor.  He threw the sausages a couple of feet in front of him and it ate the lot.  It was extremely hungry.

“Must have been lost in the Tard...  oops, too many spoilers.   We need to get her to follow us.  Grab some meat from that fridge behind you Bert,”
“Is it a baby dinosaur?” asked Bert.
“No fully grown,” replied the Doctor edging his way past the munching dinosaur.
Bert was puzzled,  the velociraptor was no bigger than two foot high.  The Doctor had noticed his puzzled look as Bert stared at the beast.
“The films always make them look bigger otherwise no one would be scared when they watch Jurassic Park.  Don’t be fooled, those claws and teeth could still do a lot of damage.  Now quickly Bert follow me.”

The Doctor had now passed the prehistoric beast and started fast towards the door.  It looked up and around first staring at the Doctor with  green lizard slanted eyes then turned towards Bert.  It stalked slowly towards him.
“Run Bert.”
Bert sprinted out behind the thin gangly Doctor although sprint wasn’t the word for it as after a few feet he was sweating and panting.  He was desperately out of shape but out the corner of his eye he saw the velociraptor coming fast behind him.  Bert dropped one of the burgers he had scooped up from the fridges moments earlier and made his way out of the shop exit behind the Doctor.  Luckily the dinosaur had stopped to sniff and snack the burgers but only ate one.  Spitting the rest out in disgust.
The Doctor was fast.  He had already got over the road outside and was now dashing down an alleyway.  His green lit instrument held high in his hands.  Bert struggled to follow but the site of the velociraptor sprinting out of the shop behind him made him push himself.  He could hear his heart pounding fast in his chest and he ached all over.  Up ahead in the alley the Doctor had stopped dead, his hand and green torch held high above him.  Bert sprinted up to him as the velociraptor closed in on him.

As Bert reached the Doctor some strange things began to happen.  Firstly a weird screeching  sound  came from no where, getting louder and louder.  Bert thought it would be the sound a robotic elephant would make if constipated on the toilet. 
Then a huge room started to fade into view around them and the velociraptor in time with the noise slowly getting denser and denser until it was totally whole and real around them.  Even the velociraptor stopped dead in its tracks to look around.
“Welcome to the Tardis,” smiled the Doctor and waved his hand around.
Bert stared at his new, sudden location.  Just beside himself and the Doctor was a big round console with screens and buttons.  The console was above a glass floor.  Out of the console were two big blue lights which went up and down in time with the screeching  noise.  The room was yellow with a big blue door one end which Bert realised must be the exit and an open corridor to the other side.
The open corridor was where Bert dashed to when he saw the velociraptor jump onto the console  and lunge at the Doctor with its huge claws out just missing his throat.  The Doctor rolled over his console and down the other side flipping switches as he did so.  The blue lights above the console moved faster.
The velociraptor stalked up the console slowly to the Doctor its head to the side watching his next move.  It had him trapped, with one pounce it would be upon him.
“Sorry old girl!” the Doctor said aloud and pointed his green torch at the console.  After a couple of seconds the console blew up just in front of the velociraptor which knocked it out onto the floor, dazed.  The console went dead and the room dark.

This freaked Bert out too much and he ran for the blue door.
“Wait Bert!” called the Doctor, “It may be dangerous out there.”
But it was too late and Bert had left the Tardis.  The Doctor swiftly followed Bert out.
“Why does no one listen to me till it’s too late?” the Doctor mumbled to himself as he followed Bert out of the Tardis.  What he saw startled him.  Instead of being in a hot dense prehistoric jungle, he stepped out into a long metal corridor.  Here he found Bert stood looking out the right side of the corridor which was sheer glass.
“Wow.” whispered Bert as he stared over a an icy mountain range.  Two bright moons hung low in the night sky.
“Impressive eh?” asked the Doctor.
“Who are you? How did we get here?”
“I told you. I’m the Doctor and we arrived here in my ship.  She’s a beauty ain’t she?” replied the Doctor pointing out to the Tardis.
“Although I’m not sure how much damage I’ve caused,” the Doctor continued as he walked back into the blue old fashioned police box Bert was staring at, totally in awe and shock.  A puzzled look crossed his face.  In front of him stood a small police box, yet he had just ran out of a huge room.  Bert walked back to the opened door of the Tardis and peered in at the huge yellow interior with the rounded console sat in the middle.
“Just like my jacket pocket eh,” the Doctor shouted enthusiastically at him from the control panel.  He was madly flicking switches and kicking the console.
“Nearly there.” He added.  The Doctor then looked up at Bert’s confused face and strode over to him.
“I, I can’t believe it!” started Bert as he started walking around the Tardis knocking on the side.
It had all been too much for Bert.  First the dinosaur then the weird space ship.
“Nothing to worry about Bert old chum, I’ll fix the Tardis and have you back home to the wife in no time.  Especially on Valentines day.  You’ve missed most of it already with working it.”
“How is this possible?” asked Bert in wonderment still tapping the wooden exterior of the Tardis.
“It’s my Tardis – Time and Relative Dimensions in Space – a ship of the Time Lords.  Well Time Lord.”
“And that torch thing you’ve been waving about?”
“This?” the Doctor pulled out the green torch gizmo, “is my Sonic screwdriver.  Very useful, very useful indeed.”
Bert felt the Tardis as he walked around the side and back of the blue wooden box.  The Doctor followed him around, a big grin on his face.  He clearly liked showing it off.  As they rounded the Tardis back to the doors Bert stopped suddenly.  The Doctor looked up at what Bert was staring at.
“Friends of yours Doctor?” asked Bert, his voice trembling.
“Not friends of mine, more like old enemies.  Very old enemies!”

There a few feet in front of the Doctor and Bert was a half robot, half human figure stood looking at them through black holes on a silver face.  It looked emotionless with a small black hole for the mouth and had tubes coming out of the side of its head connecting to what looked like a round light.  Although the figure was silver in appearance not all of it was metallic.  There was a thin silver fabric covering the face, arms, neck and chest.  Below the chest there was a crude silver control box with buttons attached and flashing lights.
“Quick inside the Tardis!” whispered the Doctor.  As he said this the sound of a marching metallic army rang in their ears and over a dozen metallic monstrosities rounded a corner at the far end of the corridor.  All blank faces like the one in front of them.
Bert was shaking with fear.  He had only ever seen anything like this on the television but now confronted with these cold, emotionless beings it was like a living nightmare.  Suddenly he saw out of the corner of his eye, the Doctors slim gangly body dash backwards into the Tardis.  Bert turned to follow and rush into the Tardis also, but was grabbed by his jumper.
Halt!” cried out a sharp, piercing metallic voice. 
But Bert had managed to get into the Tardis with the creature with him.
“Great, you’ve brought the Cyberman with you through the Tardis defences!” cried out the Doctor now at the other side of the console flicking switches and using his sonic screwdriver also.
Bert  scrambled out of the Cybermans grip as it stood confused looking around the Tardis in wonderment.  Computing the situation.  Outside the army of the Cybermen quickened their pace and moved towards the door.
Bert was now round the opposite side of the console next to the Doctor when he noticed the velociraptor shaking its head to and fro coming round.  It curled its head around towards the Cyberman who had now noticed the prehistoric beast.  It was too late.  Before the Cyberman could do anything the velociraptor had leapt of the console, its claws out and ripped through the thin metal fabric on the neck. 
Thick dark blood poured out over the silver and over the control panel below the chest as the Cyberman let out a gargled metallic screech which hurt Berts ears.  The velociraptor continued to rip and tear at the Cyberman  until it stopped kicking and was dead.

Outside the Tardis the army of Cybermen were mere feet away and had speeded up to help their fallen comrade.  The Doctor spotted this and pointed his sonic screwdriver at the door.  With a quick whir and buzz it slammed the doors shut.
“Got to be quick and get the little fellow back to his time before he finishes his cyber snack.  It’s a good job it’s a very early version of the Cybermen.  More organic you see,” beamed the Doctor.
“More to snack on I guess,” mumbled the Doctor as he flipped switches and pushed buttons and pointed his sonic screwdriver at the console.  Within a few minutes the two console lights were moving up  and down in time with the screeching, grinding sound.  A few minutes more they came to a stop and the Doctor ran over to the doors and opened them as the velociraptor finished its snack.
“Here boy!” he shouted over and the velociraptor trotted over and out into the jungle beyond.
“Right best get you home Bert.  Your wife will be waiting especially today on Valentine Day.”
Bert nodded his head.  The events of the last couple of hours had frazzled his mind.  Part of him wondered if he was in fact dreaming.
The Doctor fired up the Tardis once more and within moments was opening its doors again to let Bert out.
“Well Bert hope you enjoyed the ride?” smiled the Doctor his eyes twinkling away.
“Erm yeah but what about the . .. .” Bert pointed at the bloodied body of the Cyberman.
“He’s not going anywhere,” laughed the Doctor.  “Oh here’s your fare.”  The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out forty pounds.
“No you keep it Doctor.  You’ve given me the ride of my life!”
With that Bert walked out into the alleyway and towards his taxi as the Tardis faded away behind him.  The woman who had got in the back of his taxi had gone leaving his the rear door open.  When he got in the taxi Bert looked at his clock.  Only five minutes had gone by although it had seemed he had been longer.

Bert stared at the bouquet of flowers on the passenger seat and smiled.  He looked up as two women walked past chatting. 
One of the women, a tall old woman talked loudly as she got to Bert’s door.
“I bet it was an internet stunt in that shop.  Someone looked to have let a chicken loose.  Although its laid some funny looking eggs!”
At this Bert’s face went white.  He rolled down his window and looked up at the sky.
“DOCTOR.......” he shouted.

End ?

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Weekend

Hi Guys

This is a little belated as it's nearly a week since the Doctor's 50th Anniversary weekend which I really enjoyed.
From An adventure in Time and Space - the story of how Doctor Who was introduced to the world in 1963 which was intriguing as well as sad especially how it showed how William Hartnell felt when told he wouldn't be on the show anymore to countdown of Doctor Who villians and the Ultimate Doctor Who guide which was on BBC Three a few times and went through all the Doctors, companions and everything else you needed to know.  There was also the short "Night of the Doctor" which was on BBC red button and on the internet which re-introduced us to Paul Mcganns 8th Doctor and how he became John Hurt's war Doctor.  This was really good and I hope they do a mini series based around the 8th Doctor as he is short changed.

Then there was the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor - which showed current 11th Doctor Matt Smith meeting up with his previous self - 10th Doctor David Tennant and John Hurt's War Doctor.  This was probably my favourite episode of new era Doctor Who which blended new era as well as old era with eerie cameos from all the past Doctors coming to the aid of the Time Lord planet of Gallifrey - slightly cheesy but effective anyway.  The three Doctors worked very good together and had funny nicknames for each other - Grandpa, sand shoes and chinny.  The supporting cast was excellent also and the final scene with Tom Baker as the curator was poignant and quirky - my theory is that he was part memory and part subconscious of the Doctor.  He also helps the future of the show find its theme - to find Gallifrey.

All in all 9 out of 10.

Talking of Doctor Who I have now finished my short story Doctor Who fan fiction which I started as part of a CWG writing challenge where I had to write a story involving the following:
taxi ride, old enemies and valentines day.  I couldn't get the image of Matt Smith's Doctor in the back of a taxi causing mayhem.
Started in June I have just finished - haven't done as much editing as I should but will put it on here soon - Did I just take ages writing it or have it coincide with Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - you will never know - lol.



Monday, 11 November 2013

CWG Meeting 11/11/2013

Hi guys

Firstly a big hello to my new follower - hope you enjoy.
Well a very good meeting tonight and I actually got to meet John - we had kept missing each other the last couple of months and it's good to also have another guy there.
He told me he writes very short stories and flash fiction two of which he shared with us - they were very good and had a lot of detail.
We all shared where we were at with our writing and I took some sweets in for my birthday.

Pauline also shared her story titles and opening lines - there was a very interesting one called "The Fixer" and I thought of a Jason Statham film - which bizarrely is on tonight - The Mechanic - although Pauline should continue this as will be very different and everyone loves an anti-hero.

Have to thank Karen for the lift home - would have just been getting in now - sometimes I wish I did drive myself as so much easier - maybe once I get a publishing deal and bit of extra money - who knows?

Anyway guys will blog soon - busy writing my CWG challenge and Richard and Judy competition novel.

Neil x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Birthday

Yep it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to cos I still ain't done any bloody writing - grrr.
Which is annoying as I still haven't finished the CWG challenge or done any NanoWrimo writing which would have got me into a couple of thousand words for the Richard and Judy Search for a Best Seller competition.
I'm still not sure whether I should enter my dimension jumping story or the vampire story I started way back in 2006 to 2007.
Yet here I am at 37 and creeping up to my Forties and still not finished writing a full first draft manuscript never mind being published by 40 which is my goal - the clock is ticking and time is going faster!!

Like I said I planned a vampire novel 6 to 7 years ago which I would have finished and sent off by now - and that's not including the David Gemmellesque novel I was planning called Revenge.

I really need to get my butt moving and will make it my mission to have finished a full first draft of a novel by the time I reach 38.
Wish me luck guys.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

NanoWrimo and Angry Robot - open submissions

Hi Guys

Just a quick update -

I have signed up for Nanowrimo - not sure if will hit the 50,000 words and still unsure as to what I will put on the actual site of what i finish as I hope to enter Richard and Judy competition and won't be able to put it on Nanowrimo as it will disqualify me for the Richard and Judy competition.

Also there is and open door submission session at Angry Robot publishing until the end of the year.  If you are unpublished and have a finished novel of the sci fi, fantasy and horror genre then get it sent in - see link below

good luck guys


Monday, 28 October 2013

CWG Meeting - 28/10/2013

Hi guys

Hope all is well - went to the fortnightly Cleckheaton Writers Group tonight for the first time in nearly 2 months!
Was a good meet - we discussed what we had been writing on - Karen has now finished her final edit of Thorde and also sent in her entry to the Richard and Judy search for Bestseller 2014 competition.
Dawn has started working on a sequel to her YA novel.
Pauline had been too busy to write although has written down ideas and I am still doing the writers challenge from June and deciding what to enter for Richard and Judy competition.
Karen read a few chapters from her NanoWrimo novel which she has started early and was a funny tale taken from real life events.
For me the meeting was marred with the fact that I might not be able to go to as many meets as before especially in winter months when weather bad because Arriva buses in their wisdom have changed their bus times and now the latest bus past Cleckheaton library is 18:50pm when before it was 19:40pm.

That means when the meet starts at 18:00 I will only have just under 50 minutes in the meeting.
Luckily tonight the weather was good as I walked home with clear sky and the stars out twinkling - was very nice walk and was quite mild.  After I got in it chucked it down - lucky eh?

Anyway will try to go as much as possible - will keep you informed.


Monday, 21 October 2013

Crime Thriller Book Club - again

Hi Guys

Just a quick blog to mention the above - over the last 4 to 6 weeks I have been watching the Crime Thriller Book Club on ITV3 every Monday night at 9pm.
It's been a mix of book reviews, t.v. series guides and interviews with actors and actresses from t.v. crime thrillers as well as popular crime authors.
Presented by Bradley Walsh it has been quite informative especially if you enjoy your crime books and drama.  Although Bradley has grown on me presenting the show I wasn't sure about him at the beginning.

Anyway tonight was the last episode - was enjoyable with a bluffers guide to Midsomer Murders which is based on 5 novels by Caroline Graham.

There was also an interview with Martina Cole - one of my ex-girlfriends favorite authors and what I based one of my short stories on.
I learned that Martina has sold over 15 million books worldwide.
She has been a book fanatic since she was small and wrote her first book at fourteen.  She also wrote an historical novel at eighteen.  She used to write alot as she had no money for anything else and had children.

Dangerous Lady was her breakthrough novel which she wrote at twenty one but put into a cupboard till she was thirty and got it out read it with a few glasses of wine and decided to send it off - the rest as they say is history.
She writes a book a year and plays the same era of music to match the era she is writing about.

Martina admits to killing characters she dosen't intend to.  Also her books are the most stolen in shops which she finds funny.
Her 20th novel "Revenge" is out soon - in time for xmas I bet.

Well guys hope you like my brief post and hope to blog soon.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Quicky

Just a quick update guys

Still slowly finishing the CWG story challenge but also deciding on what to write for the Richard and Judy novel comp which has a closing date of 1st of Jan 2014.  Time is marching on quickly.
As I've said to my fellow CWG member Karen I keep getting distracted by the evil of the internet.

If anyone has any tips on discipline whilst writing that will be greatly appreciated.

Will post soon on any updates.


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Richard and Judy - Search for Bestseller 2014

Hi Guys

A quick post to give you an update.

I'm still writing the CWG challenge story but hope to have this finished for Saturday, Sunday the latest.

Although now I am going to enter the above competition.  Winner gets a £50,000 publishing deal and the closing date is 1st January 2014.
You can send in any genre of story up to 10,000 words although I'm not sure whether to send Wormhole Effect as Richard and Judy Book club hasn't had many sci-fi or fantasy novels.  It's normally crime or thrillers or romance or women's historical saga's.
So any ideas on what I can send in will be greatly appreciated.

Below is the internet link to the competition:

Monday, 30 September 2013

Specsavers Crime Thriller Book Club

Hi guys

Hope your all well and enjoying reading and maybe writing various things - fiction, non-fiction ect.
At the moment I am nearing the end of my short story challenge - A Chase in Time.

Due to various events I haven't been to Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) for last 2 weeks but hope to go to next one.
In the meanwhile I have been watching the above the last 2 Mondays on ITV3 hosted by Bradley Walsh.
It has been very interesting and I think goes on till mid October.
It features a mix of book and crime t.v reviews, author interviews and profiles and a crime quiz.

Tonight's show featured a beginners guide to Lewis where it mentioned Lewis and Morse creator Colin Dexter was involved in part of writing for the show and was also in each episode - Hitchcock style.

There was also a profile on Crime author Patricia Cornwall and revealed before she was a novelist she worked in a mortuary.  Which came in handy for some of her novels.
She revealed she wanted to be a writer since before college and wrote 4 novels before she was took up by a publisher with Post Mortem which was the best 1st Crime Novel in Britain and put her in the public eye.
She also revealed for her Dr Scarpetta series she researches a lot and learned to scuba dive as her character does that and has visited a gun factory
Patricia also revealed she will never kill off her character Scarpetta as would be too traumatic for the fans.
Also revealed she is nervous when starting a new book but once gets into it is fine.

All in all a very insightful show and one I will watch till the end in next couple of weeks.

See you soon


Despicable Me 2 - 3D - Review

Hi Guys

The other week took my daughter to the cinema in Halifax - the new VUE cinema and went to see the above film in 3D.
And what a treat it was - probably more for me than daughter - lol - as it was the first time I had gone to see one of the new 3D films that are the norm these days and I glad I saw it in 3D.
The 3D effects were amazing and before I went and it I was dubious as the last time I saw a 3D film was when I was little with the old blue and red glasses which didn't work at all - ha.

It really looks like things like bubbles are coming out towards you and I had to hold off reaching to touch stuff coming out of the screen - there was also alot of depth to the screen especially when on the ocean.
I not sure what live 3D films are like but got a feeling these animation films are best to watch in 3D.

The film itself was hilarious with Gru now retired from being a bad guy and trying to make a normal life - soon he is sucked back into the world of good versus bad with very funny results.

Although the stars of the films were the minions which were very funny and I will be watching their own film if it comes out.

Overall the 3D and effects and voice overs plus action set pieces and slapstick made for one of the best films I had seen in ages and better than the first film.

Rating = 10/10

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Peter Robinson - Author talk - Watching DCI Banks

Hi guys

As per last post regarding the Peter Robinson talk I am now actually watching DCI Banks on ITV3 which is a bit of a coincidence and have to admit I am quite enjoying it.  Stephen Tompkinson is very good in the role although because I haven't read the DCI Banks books I have nothing to compare them with.

Might start watching it more often.

Anyway cheerio folks


Peter Robinson - Author talk - 12/09/2013

Hi Guys

I'm treating you to some photos in this post.  Like the Andy McNab author talk at Huddersfield Town Hall last year I went to see above author Peter Robinson - famed for his crime novels in particular the long running DCI Banks series - which has been turned into an ITV drama lately starring Stephen Tomkinson - also shown above.

It was a very enjoyable evening in which Peter discussed a little bit about his new book Children of the Revolution.  He read a part of it that occurs near the beginning so there would be no spoilers then took a Q&A session.

What we learned is that Peter grew up in Armley, Leeds and used to visit the local library a lot.  He relied on these when younger.  In 1969 Peter also lived in Huddersfield on Leeds Road.
He eventually moved to Canada.

Peter revealed that he started writing poetry and moved onto fiction later on.
Also that in his new book DCI Banks reflects on his mortality as the victim is the same age as Banks so he starts to question his future.
Peter let slip that Banks ages slowly in the books and he would like to keep Banks going yet do more standalone stories so he has no plans to stop writing maybe slow down.

Peter mentioned that he doesn't outline his plots he goes with the flow and sometimes he doesn't know who has committed the murder until the end and didn't see Bank's wife leaving him.  He said his plots work out in the end but likes to start his novels with a place - somewhere a body may be found like a dried up river.

With the T.V series starting he tries not to think of Stephen Tompkinson's version of Banks as he is a different type of Banks and he has a different image of what Banks looks like.  Peter's version of Banks is shorter and stockier but Stephen has grown on him and even went to visit Peter on his holiday in Florida so he could discuss playing the part of DCI Banks.
Peter was an extra in the first episode but not involved in the scripts and the T.V series differs to the books.

Well hope you enjoyed some facts on Peter Robinson and his character of DCI Banks and gives you something to think about if you are maybe writing a novel - particular a crime novel.

See you soon folks

Neil x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

CWG Meeting 2/9/13

Hi guys

Long time no blog (again) will need to keep it up more often - oo-er.  Just been busy with other things lately but now back on form - almost finished the fan fiction short story competition now and I hope to post Prague photos on here at some point.

Anyway to business - as well as not writing, blogging for almost 2 months I also hadn't been to the Cleckheaton Writers Group - the dates clashed with a few things - one of them being Prague.

So I was back tonight with Karen, Dawn, Daniella and Pauline - we had a catch up of where we was at writing wise - Myself and Pauline not done much, Dawn had started something new and waiting to hear from agents - good luck Dawn, and Karen was finishing last draft of Thorde as well as contemplating her next story.
After showing her a Crime novel competition I had spotted in Pauline's Writers Forum she would finish her crime novel hopefully in time for that.
Karen also brought her challenge story which she had also tweaked for a magazine competition - so good luck Karen.  A urban, sex in the city type story - very good.

Feedback was also given on five chapters Daniella had wanted us to review although some of the content was very touchy so feedback was given where needed but I missed some of it as I had a contact lense malfunction which I had to deal with and even had to go to Opticians today to sort out - all done.

All in all a good meeting - here's to the next - it good to be back in the writers seat.

Will speak very soon guys


Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hi guys How you all? Haven‘t posted for almost a month have been busy. Firstly went on a trip with some mates to Prague hope to put pics up soon Then went to Cleethorpes for week with daughter and my mum. so done no writing or posts will put new on here soon write soon

Monday, 15 July 2013

Writing Update

Hi guys

How you all?

Well I stumbled a little on my writing - again.
Started doing the writing challenge Pauline gave us at the last CWG meeting I attended straight away and ain't done any for nearly 2 weeks.  The reason . . .
Research of course - I'm doing fan fiction for a change - writing something I'm not used to!

Also I am getting ready for a drunken weekend in Prague for my mate Rich 30th birthday so all energy going into that.  Talking of energy mine has been drained with the heatwave we are in.  In fact once I get home from work I feel shattered and too tired to write let alone gym - sob!

Anyway hoping to complete story for Friday before I go - if not will be on when I get back then it's into a slightly connected short story trilogy - inspired by Simon Peggs 3 flavoured Cornetto trilogy.

Enjoy the sun folks

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Munch and the Silver Ball

Hi guys

Well I have just been on the Munch time site to see if I was shortlisted in the last 10 entrants and sadly I wasn't - sob.  The competition was to create a story for children of up to 900 words with Munch the cow as the main character.
See here for more information and the 10 runner up stories -

Here's my Story:

Munch and the Silver Ball by Neil Walker

Once upon a Munch time there was a cow called Munch who was happily chewing grass in her field.  The sun was shining,  the sky a cloudless blue.  The only shadow was from the castle higher up the hill.
Munch heard sobbing over the hedge.  She looked over into the park and saw Princess Annabel in her pretty pink dress with pink diamond crown sat on the swings looking sad.
“What’s wrong Princess?” asked Munch.
“I’ve lost my Mummy’s ball.”  wailed Princess Annabel. 
“It’s alright we will find it.  What does it look like?  Where did you see it last?”
“A big silver ball,” replied  Princess Annabel “It rolled down the hill all by itself.”

Munch took the Princess’s hand and they strolled out of the park and down the hill.  Soon they were by the woods.  Cyril the crow cawed loudly from the trees.  They looked up at him.  He flapped his black wings out.
“Cyril have you seen a silver ball go past here?” asked Munch.
“Caw, Caw, Yes shiny, very shiny.  Every time I went to catch it.  It moved away . . . caw”
“Where did it move to?”
“Caw caw, down the hill, very shiny.” replied Cyril.
They set off down the hill again with Cyril flying overhead.  After some distance they had got to the pond.  Princess Annabel was very upset now.

Munch squeezed her hand and smiled to her as she looked up. 
“It’s fine we will find your Mummy’s ball,” said Munch.
A frog croaked loudly nearby making Princess Annabel jump high.
“It’s alright it’s only Freddie Frog,” pointed Munch to a big fat green frog trying to keep itself on its Lilly pad.
 It failed.  Splash.
Freddie jumped out beside them.
“Have you seen a silver ball Freddie?” asked Munch.
Freddie nodded and hopped down the rest of the big hill.  Munch the cow and Princess Annabel followed with Cyril flying high above them.

After a short walk they had at last reached the bottom of the hill and a big green field.  There at long last was the silver ball.   It shone brightly in the sunlight as they moved towards it.
Also there was Alfie.   He was Princess Annabel’s friend and he too was trying to catch the ball.  Every time he went towards it, the silver ball moved.
“Hi Alfie you’ve found my Mummy’s ball,” shouted Princess Annabel.
“Hi,” puffed Alfie.  “I can’t catch it, please help.”

They all went to help and try catch it.  Munch tried to pick it up by her hoofs.  Princess Annabel by her hands.  Cyril the crow by his talons and Freddie by his long sticky tongue.
It always moved out the way.
“I think I have an idea,” said Munch taking off her red bag pack.  “What we need is team work.  Get the ball into my pack.”
Laying her bag pack open in front of her on the grass the others chased the ball.  Eventually closing in and forcing it to the bag pack.
The silver ball rolled in as Munch shut the bag pack quick.  They had done it.
“We need to return it to your Mummy,” said Munch.  “She may not be happy.”
Princess Annabel nodded as they made the long walk back up the hill towards the castle.
Alfie followed as Freddie hopped up the hill too.  Cyril again flew above them up to the castle.

They eventually reached the castle and went straight to the throne room where Princess Annabel’s Mummy was sat on the large gold throne looking worried.  She smiled as she saw them.
“Princess Annabel has something of yours,” said Munch.   She passed her bag to the Princess.
“I’m sorry Mummy I just wanted to play with it.  I promise I won’t take things again without asking.” Said Princess Annabel.
She opened the bag and gave her Mummy the silver ball.  The Queen sighed with relief.
“I will let you off this time but make sure you don’t break your promise.  Now everyone I would like you to meet a friend of mine.”
The Queen whispered something secret, something magic and the silver ball split open.
Out flew a small pink fairy.
“This is Lulu the fairy,” exclaimed the Queen.
“Hi everyone. Blimey my room needs tidying now,” said Lulu pointing to the open silver ball.
Everyone laughed.

Later on that evening Lulu used her magic to make a feast there were even stacks of grass for Munch the cow to chew, a fly trap for Freddie the frog to eat off and a four and twenty worm pie for Cyril to eat.
They all had a wonderful time.

The End.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Hobbies

Everybody enjoys  having a hobby.  Having a hobby keeps people busy, gives them something to do and keeps people happy.
Clive was no different to any other person.  His hobby kept him occupied too and made him very happy.  Very happy indeed.  Ecstatic in fact, and Clive was busy with his hobby now.

His hobby made Clive feel  alive, he knew this and he felt his heart beating fast now, he felt his blood pumping faster around his veins.  He felt great.
Clive stood in the middle of the room, in a state of trance thinking back five years to when he accidently stumbled across his hobby.  To when he accidently stumbled upon his wife and best friend in bed together.  Rage took over, he saw red, that’s all he saw as he ran towards them.

Of course his wife was dead now, his best friend too.  They had helped him discover  his new, favourite hobby.  The hobby that made him happy.  Happier than any of the old hobbies he used to have, fishing,  golf and chess.  Although this hobby was also a game of sorts also.  To keep one step ahead, like chess.

The moonlight lit the room up a white ghostly glow and Clive smiled as he looked down at his elderly victims laying dead on the floor in front of him, strangled.  
They were a popular couple about town but  after the old man kept complaining about Clive’s trees blocking the sunlight into his garden, then Clive had to indulge in his favourite hobby again.

At the back of Clive’s mind something kept screaming out to him that what he was doing was wrong, so wrong.  But Clive couldn’t help himself and each time he carried out his hobby he wanted to do it again and again.  At last he found what made him truly happy.

In the dim moonlight Clive rubbed his leather gloved hands together, in mock gesture of what he had done to the old couple.  A photograph on the mantelpiece at the other side of the small bungalow living room caught his attention.  In the photograph were the couple, smiling, happy.  They were surrounded by two beautiful daughters on either side and three grandchildren sat in front of them.

One of the daughters he recognised.  She had joined in an heated discussion he had had with the recently deceased couple.  She looked so posh, so well to do, although she had come out with the worst profanities he had heard in his Forty Eight years.

Clive knew that what he had done wouldn’t make the family happy like he was now.  Quite the opposite.  There would be much anguish, upset, bitterness and anger within the family as well as confusion.  This made Clive grin widely to himself.  At last he had power.  Power to take life.  Power to decide who lived and who didn’t.  He had never felt that before.  

He had his ex-wife and best friend to thank for that.  At least she had done something for him in the fifteen years they had been together.  He thought back to the last image of his wife and her lover.  They were staring up unseeing at him at the bottom of a hole he had dug far into the middle of the woods.  He was sure they would never be found.  It also helped they were telling family and friends they were planning to run away together to Tenerife to start a bar and a new life. 
As ever Clive was the last to know.  It was just luck, for him at least, that he had got sacked that day from his mundane office job and so went home early.  Anger and frustration already building up inside him.

That would have been the end of the matter until he ran into his old boss.  The one who had sacked him on that fateful day.  She was now lying at the bottom of a canal, weighed down with a large boulder.  It was then he realised he was good at something, although not ethical but something that made him happy, that he enjoyed. 

He felt he was getting better at his hobby, as he was careful not to leave any DNA evidence lying around.  That was thanks in part to being forced to watch the CSI programmes he at first thought so boring but now became a manual to follow, by his ex-wife.

The present situation came back into his mind.  Clive carefully looked around the room using the glow of the moonlight as his torch.  He wore leather gloves, made sure he left no footprints and used the dark to make his escape.

After a few moments of looking around the small, comfortable living room Clive was satisfied he had left nothing.  He had carefully laid some furniture on the floor, a lamp, old ornaments which he hoped would look like a burglary which had been disturbed and the couple had been killed as they had interrupted being burgled.
Clive looked back down at the old couple.  He was happy with how it had all gone tonight and he felt the rush of euphoria as he had with the rest of his kills.

Clive crept slowly and carefully past his newest conquest and as he left the room he caught a glance of the photograph he had looked at earlier.

He looked at the daughter who had shouted at him weeks before with the couple and was even happier as he left the bungalow for he now knew his next prey.

Photographic Memories - again

Hi Boys and girls Well a bit quiet at moment - still writing the CWG challenge story - life got in the way so fell behind - good job there isn't a deadline!!! Anyway to give you new viewers something to read here's my WW2 story - Photographic Memories - Enjoy The man staggered to the rock, swivelled and slumped, slowly sliding down it. He sat there dazed and disorientated not knowing where he was and he couldn’t hear anything except a constant loud ringing noise. He was scared and cold. The young man patted his breast pocket and with shaking fingers pulled out a black and white photo. Examining it he stared lovingly at his family in the photo. His father was on the end standing tall and thin. Next to him was the mans 18 month son crawling, facing the camera looking as cute as can be in a baby romper suit with his long black hair over his face. He had a big radiant smile on his face. Finally in the photo was the man’s young wife with her long black hair swept to the side exposing her dark eyes and full lips. He missed his family dearly then realised his mother wasn’t there in the photo. She had died when he was a boy. This made him think back to his earliest memory of his mother. He was about 5 year’s old. He was sobbing holding up his knee as his mother washed a cut, smiling at him as she did so. He remembered her plump face with her rosy red cheeks and her curly black hair. “You’ll be fine Henry”, she reassured him, “There all better.” She said in her soothing soft voice. She kissed his knee and he felt better immediately. They both gave a little chuckle to each other. Returning to his present situation, Henry wished his mother was there with him right now reassuring him that everything would be alright in her soft soothing voice. Henry sighed as his thoughts went back in time again. This time to the last memory of his mother when he was 12. He was standing by her bed as her now pale thinner face looked up at him. The twinkle she once had in her eyes had gone and she coughed violently. “Love you.” She called over to him as his father ushered him out of the room. “Come on now Henry. Your mother needs her rest” advised Henry’s father. His father was tall and much broader back then and he seemed to fill most of the room. Henry reluctantly left his mother’s side and didn’t see her alive again. She had died of pneumonia. Henry noticed tears splattering onto the photo he was holding. Still shaking and with his ears still ringing he stared at his father. Age had not been kind to him as he was still tall but now his stout broad figure was thin and weak. His hair had almost totally gone. He had never been the same since mother’s death and had taken to drinking heavily. Henry then realised he had never been close to his father. When he was younger his father was away in the army so would only visit when he could. He even missed a few of Henry’s birthdays and Christmases. His father only really lived with them once he left the war. This was due to bad shrapnel wound to the leg. When his father was there they hardly spoke and there were quite a lot of silences. Although Henry loved his father he never really knew him and the only memories of him he could muster were ones where he was shouting and ordering him and his mother around. It must have been the military upbringing he had had. Thinking about it more clearly Henry realised he had always been fearful of his father. A sudden movement and shadow falling over Henry’s family photo awakened him to his present situation. Henry looked up at the source of the shadow and gasped. An English soldier from Henry’s regiment was stood in front of Henry. He was covered in blood, mud and sand and to Henry he looked to be shouting at him but Henry could hear no words only the constant ring in his ears. The man was as young as Henry and was pale and frightened. He had lost his helmet and his blond hair was matted to his head with sweat and mud. Henry noticed the soldier was holding something in his hand which was bloody and disfigured then realised it was the soldier’s foot which had been blown off by a mine. Henry looked at the man’s injured leg and saw blood gushing from a mangled stump which was just below the knee. The soldier limped closer to Henry with a mixture of shock and fear on his face. Suddenly a bullet hit the soldier in the forehead. There was just a tiny hole but the back of the soldiers head had been blown away. The soldier fell backwards and lifeless to the sand and mud. Henry retreated back to his family photo now intently staring at his wife. She was beautiful and he wondered if he would see her again. His memory went back to the town dance where he had met her. He was stood near the exit of the dance hall ready to leave after losing his friends. Then out the corner of his eye he saw her on the opposite side of the hall watching him. Henry noticed her hair first. It shimmered in the light and was black as night and long with curls. She reminded him of the actress Veronica Lake which he had seen on bill boards in town. She wore a short black velvet dress and considering the rationing it was in good condition. Henry wasn’t sure what he was wearing that night as he just remembered buying two ginger beers and walking across the floor to her. The trip he made as reached her made him embarrassed as he had nearly spilt the drinks over her, yet soon they were embraced and dancing to the music. They also talked about themselves long into the night. Her name was Elizabeth, she was 17 and her father had died in the war. Her mother was well off as she had inherited a small publishing business printing magazines and romance novels. Henry explained about his mother’s death and that he too was 17 and worked in the local tobacco factory. He also mentioned his father’s injury in the same war which had claimed Elizabeth’s father’s life. They both shared a long kiss at the end of the night. Three months later and Henry had married Elizabeth and they were living with Elizabeth’s mother. To them both it was a whirlwind fairy tale romance and they knew they loved each other dearly. A month after their marriage and Elizabeth fell pregnant. Henry remembered vividly the birth of his son as though it happened only yesterday. It was one of the best days of his live. “What shall we call him?” asked Elizabeth. “How about we name him after your father,” replied Henry. Elizabeth smiled up at him “That’s perfect. Welcome to the world Charlie. We love you.” She kissed the baby on the head. Henry realised just how much Charlie looked like his mother with his long black hair, strong cheek bones and rosy cheeks. He was perfect and Henry loved looking after him and playing games. Charlie was 11 months old when Henry was drafted into the army to join the war and was starting to walk. He pulled himself up and stumbled along the furniture to where his daddy was sitting. Henry had his head in his hands as he looked up at his son and smiled. He picked him up and sat him on his lap. “I can’t believe I will have to leave and fight in the war. It’s not fair. Everything in life is perfect.” He exclaimed looking up at Elizabeth. “We don’t want you to leave either. I’m scared for you but it’s the law. It’s compulsory.” Replied Elizabeth. Again tears splashed onto his family photo as Henry remembered hugging and kissing his wife and son goodbye and boarding the bus to his barracks. He watched them and waved and blew kisses as the bus slowly pulled out and speeded up down the road. Would he ever see them again he thought. There was suddenly a loud popping noise in Henry’s ears and they suddenly hurt. He felt himself coming round and shockingly was back in his present situation, sat behind a boulder on Sword beach on D Day. He kissed his photo and put it safely back into his top pocket. Unfortunately he could now hear everything going on around him. Everything was so loud, and in amongst the explosions and artillery gun fire he could make out the screams of his comrades shouting out in pain and anguish. He looked to his left to see a tank going slowly past him and could hear the ricochet of machine gun fire bouncing off the side. Not so far away were the bodies of fallen comrades who had either been shot or blown up and the sand was covered in blood and guts. The sight of what he saw was so powerful and disgusting it made Henry sick. He spat on the ground and glanced up to see the second wave of landing ships arrive. A couple of the landing ships hit mines and exploded sending bodies and metal flying out into the sea and at other soldiers. Some of the soldiers that came off the successful landing ships were gunned down as soon as they hit the sand. The sea had turned a dark crimson colour. Some soldiers that made it came running up towards Henry. A few were shouting orders and a few were firing their weapons at the German machine gunners. “Are you alright?” asked a tall lean soldier who had somehow managed to get to Henry within seconds. “Yes, Yes. I should be ok.” Replied Henry using the boulder to push himself up. The soldier picked up and passed Henry his rifle and Henry looked into his dark sparkly eyes. He looked like the sergeant who had given him his orders on the landing ship. “To victory, for England” was his last words to him before a mine had gone off near him and sent him stumbling to the boulder. He was lucky he hadn’t got shot. The soldier with Henry ran past him after he had seen that Henry was fine. Henry took in a few deep breathes as his heart pounded wildly in his chest. “This is it.” He thought. “I’ll go down fighting though”. Henry gently patted at his family photo in his breast pocket then ran around the boulder to face his enemy head on. He saw many small gun turrets and some Germans behind machine guns. As Henry ran towards them over the sand and the dead he fired at the nearest machine gunner and somehow managed to hit him. The German soldier fell back from his position. “That was lucky,” thought Henry as he carried on with gun fire whistling past him and explosions going off around him on the beach. Suddenly he was hit on his left arm and cried out in pain but he realised it was just a flesh wound and carried on. The adrenaline of the moment made him fearless and the pain subsided. As he got closer to his target the only thing that was in his mind were the words of his sergeant and the faces of his family. “To Victory, for England” “For Family.”.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Man of Steel - Film Review

Hi again Well at the weekend actually managed to get to the cinema - even though have missed out on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2 - I think this film more than made up for it. Although the admission price was steep at Halifax Vue cinema for 2 adults and large popcorn and drink - £23!! Blimey and it weren't 3D either - ha. Well onto the film - I had been looking forward to seeing this film since seeing the trailers as it looked the Superman story but in a different light - a more modern approach and what the makers of Superman Returns should have done instead of continuing the continuation and look of the Christopher Reeve movies. The movie is a new re-telling of his origins with a large dash of CGI and the new to it. The opening on Krypton looked stunning with Supes mum naturally giving birth to him which hasn't happened on Krypton for centuries. Russell Crowe put a very good turn in as his father who knows Krypton is doomed as they have been using the core of the planet as a major resource - something which could happen to us at one point I fear. Anyway they send him off to earth as General Zod - who's a right sod makes a power play for the planet thus getting himself sent to the Phantom zone with his cronies. It then flashes to earth with a buff Clark Kent - excellently played by Henry Cavill - who looked hot - and I'm straight - lol (hell even Kevin Costner as his earth dad looked buff). Clark is a loner looking to find his way on the planet and try to fit in - it keeps flashing to his childhood as he remembers his powers slowly manifesting as he gets older - the laser vision, strength and X-Ray Vision (lucky bugger). Louis Lane finds out about his heroics and eventually they find a ship sent to Earth by Superman's father which tells him who he is and gives him his suit. Then General Zod turns up with his men and it's a CGI slug-fest with plenty more action than Avengers Assemble. Overall the film is well cast and all main supporters are good and Cavill nails it as the new Clark/Superman. I was so glad they didn't do too many nods to the original films and made it something new and fresh. SPOILER ALERT - Some people have been unhappy with the way Superman finished off General Zod and some say it's out of character with his past but I say that he had to do what he did as this version of Zod wasn't going to stop till every human was gone - also people forget in Superman 3 how Clark strangled his evil version to death - which was probably more shocking. I urge you to go see this so a sequel gets made although I not sure how they going to top it as most of Metropolis got destroyed. 10/10

CWG Meeting 24/06/13

Hi peeps How you all. Been a full 2 weeks since my last post and that was about CWG meeting. Had a good meeting tonight also with Karen, Dawn and Laura. We kicked off with a bit of a catch up as we hadn't seen each other for a while. Discussed holidays etc and what we had been writing if anything. Laura had written on her jollies a few chapters of her YA novel and shared a piece with us although it may not make it into finished novel. Karen shared with us her sci-fi short story The Crop which she read out last meet for Laura and Dawn - still very good. I discussed that I'm into the writing challenge from last meet - will share that soon. We also discussed films like Les Miserables and myself and Karen discussed the new film Man of Steel - review next post. C ya

Monday, 10 June 2013

CWG Meeting - 10th June 13

Hi Guys Had a very good CWG Meet tonight with Pauline, Daniella and Karen. A shame the other members werent there. We chatted about writing competitions and the supernatural then i shared my Munch Bunch kids story which recieved v positive feedback. Pauline commented it was better than some on the Munch site. Daninella shared her supernatural suspense story "The Illusion". Good twist at end when you work it out. Good luck with comp Daniella. Karen then shared her story "The Crop". A sci fi tale with aliens having took over earth with a gory twist i didn't see coming. My fave short story from Karen and will share link once it is published. Pauline then gave us a writing challenge and before we knew it time was up sob. I even walked home from Cleckheaton to Brighouse which took just over an hour. It was a beautiful evening for a walk as my favorite time of day in summer. I even saw 2 little bunnies hopping about in a field i passed. Got me thinking i aint had rabbit stew in years lol Well i glad i went tonight missed too many. Till next time people x

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hi guys How you all? Well sent my comp story off to Munch Bunch story comp wish me luck. Just a quick post to ask: Does anybody remember Knightmare? It was a fave kids programme of mine in late 80's where a team of 4 nerds would work their way through dungeon aided by Treguard the dungeon master. One of the four had to go through a background dungeon wearing the helmet of Justice as the others guided him through solving puzzles. Well at the moment it on Fridays on Challenge (first 2 series at moment hope the rest will follow). At 10 30pm try catch it or Wikpedia it. Well till next time whereby i be posting new story enjoy the sun x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello Strangers

Well well well - long time no see you sexy people.  Have you missed me?  Bet no one has.

Yes yet again I've been naughty and neglected my lovely sparkly blog.
Yet again have not written as much as I should have - still to finish 2 short stories - the woman's POV and the paranormal story.
Yet again still not got further on my dimension jumping novel Wormhole Effect.  This I need to get moving on now as will never get published.
Yet again I haven't finished reading the marathon epic Wizards First Rule - been nearly a year and half since started it.

Also I haven't been to CWG - Cleckheaton Writers Group for over a month - it called that right? forgetting lol
And I also have to catch up on the Writers Magazines I have lurking about - bet I missing out on a few competitions to enter there!

But . .. all above will change -  I will write more regular posts on this Blog.
I will finish the 2 sort stories within 2 weeks and re-visit my novel.
In-between I will finish large book and mags - and why?

A = Because I think tonight I got my Writing Mojo back.
The other day I saw a free competition to enter for Munch Bunch - £1000 prize to write a 600 - 800 children's story involving Munch the cow.
For about a day and half ideas been flowing through my head - and tonight it took me just an hour and half to write the full story, re-read and edit and send it off.  Was pretty chuffed with result.

Plus importantly I really enjoyed writing again once I got laptop on - no internet or t.v to distract me.
Hope this is the kick up butt I need.
Sadly won't be able to post the story until competition over - and if win will add their site on here to go to for you to read.

Well guys see you soon

p.s. still not seen Iron Man 3 or New Star Trek - grrrr

Monday, 13 May 2013

Dead Deadline

Hi Folks

Long time no blog - got to admit been a bit slack recently with my blogging and writing so sadly never finished my short story for Writers Magazine competition in time - the deadline is tomorrow and I only couple of pages in.  Having bit of a problem with my viewpoints and narrative but will finish it and put on here when done.

So guess I missed out on the £200 prize which would have been nice (if I had won).

Anyway will get back to writing and will post the paranormal story on here soon as well as hopefully a review of both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek - Into Darkness - once I've seen them.

Speak soon guys

Neil x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hey guys

How you all?  Just a quick update - at the moment I am currently writing a Short Story to enter the Writers Magazine - it's a paranormal story and you heard it here first - the title is "Banshee Calling".
Then will finish the woman's POV story then get back onto my novel - "The Wormhole Effect".

Hope to have a story up here very soon guys.


Monday, 15 April 2013

CWG Meeting 15/04/13

Hi Guys

Hope your all alright - all 11 of you - ha

Tonight was the first Cleckheaton Writers Group meet for about a month and it was a very good night - although Karen was sadly AWOL - ha.
Daniella, Laura and Pauline all shared their challenge short stories - the challenge was "Someone comes home and finds something different on their kitchen table".
All three stories were very good and different - one included a surprise party, another a murder and the other infidelity.
Laura also shared the opening chapter to a new fantasy novel she has started and I can't wait to read more - very good prose.

Daniella informed us that a play she shared with us the first night she came "The Light" won first prize in a play competition.
Pauline told us the inspiration behind her writing - her grandfather who in the 2nd world war vanished in mysterious circumstances!!!
She also advised us to read Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan.

All in all a enjoyable 2 hours - and Laura spared me my planned walk home (part of my keep fit), and gave me a lift - thanks L x

Till next time folks

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jodi Picoult - In Conversation 3/4/13

Hi Guys

Tonight I did something different to sat at home watching crap on box or looking at laptop attempting to write I actually went out to see someone who does.
Jodi Picoult is a well known author and best selling author - although I have never read her I thought I would go along to Huddersfield Town Hall to see her on tour pimping her latest book - "The Storyteller".

I got there armed with my trusty pen and notepad as well as having a pint of Stella from pub across road and full of cold - I wasn't going to go in case I blew my nose all way through or coughed all night (did for last five minutes - lol).  Also my fellow CWG members never turned up so I was on my own.
I also thought as Jodi's books seemed aimed at women I would be the only bloke there - I was gladly wrong as there were a number of blokes there and people on their own.  It was packed!

When Jodi entered the stage I was smitten - she is very good looking and looks years younger than her 46 years - she also had a soft velvety American voice that helped show her that she was a professional speaker.

At first she read a passage from her new best seller "The Storyteller" - and it was very good - a flashback to the second world war - I really enjoyed it to say it not what I usually read.
Jodi then told us about the research she did for the book including chatting to Holocost victims and told three very moving stories about three of the victims she talked to.

Jodi then went on to talk about her writing and that she writes one book a year.  It takes her 9 months to write the book including research then the last 3 months of the year she goes on tours talking about her book - I think this is a very good plan as raises your profile - and something a lot of authors do.
She let us know that when she gets an idea for a book she always knows how the story will begin and end as her books usually have a twist but she doesn't know how to get there - she lets her characters take her through the story to the end.
Jodi was asked where she gets her ideas from she explained they were mainly from her life experiences and what topics are close to her at the time.

In the questions and answers near the end we learned when she gets time to read for pleasure she reads Alice Hoffman and to look out for Caroline Levitt.
She is 200 pages into her next book provisionally titled "The Elephant Graveyard" about a woman researching Elephants and their memories especially when they loose loved ones and stay and mourn their dead family.
The weirdest research she had to go through was to stay a week with a Hamish family and also spend some times in a death row prison getting to know a prisoner who was on death row.
Jodi advised she didn't have much involvement when "Her Sisters Keeper" was filmed and was lied to that the ending wouldn't be changed but was - she warned the new ending would be bad for it and would loose money -  it did.  She now has more say in some of the productions of her books currently in different stages.

Overall an enjoyable night and it finished just as I started a coughing fit - Jodi's husband is one lucky fellow - she is good looking and talented - bit like me - ha.

See you guys

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Child's Confusions of War

Hi again
As I'm still writing my own short stories I thought I would share a poem my Dad wrote many years ago - probably in the late sixties or seventies.  Sadly Dad passed away over 20 years ago and only wrote a few when younger which is a shame and I wish I had encouraged him to write more or some fiction.
He was in the army in Duke of Wellingtons for a number of years and traveled the world.
Well enjoy

A Child's Confusion of War

Oh Daddy please don't hurt me
Or ever make me cry
As I wish to save my teardrops
For those who have to die
Then I'll cry a thousand tears
For those I do not know
As it may save a little boy
The teardrops he doesn't know
As he will never have a Daddy
To love and scald him so
As he will be an orphan boy
And he will never know
So please don't hurt
Or make me cry
As I wish to save my teardrops
For those who have to die


Well the snow and Ice is getting to me now as it probably is everyone else in Britain!!
Doesn't help twisting my ankle on the ice although this now gives me chance to catch up on my blog and writing!
Haven't done too much writing and have been gutted I missed the Huddersfield Literature Festival as wanted to meet Jeremy Dyson who co-wrote The League of Gentleman.
What I have been doing is reading - won't be long till I finish Wizards 1st Rule now - lol.

Well I'm off to write in a blanket as can't afford the heating lol

See you soon

Monday, 11 March 2013


Hi Guys

Haven't posted in about 3 weeks so thought best update you on what I've been doing.

Firstly I still done little writing and still can't get onto Karens blog or any others including my own to read and review.
Have been to Writers group last week with CWG on Monday 4th March which was very productive.  We have a new member called Daniela - she is of Italian origin and writes women's fiction.  She already has a novel or 2 published and shared a very good short story which showed the horrors of drinking.
Karen also shared her short story which she may put into her serial killer novel - that was very good too and can see it working in it.
We also discussed Huddersfield Literature Festival - hoping to go this weekend coming up to see Jeremy Dyson - he was a script writer on the excellent, dark and funny League of Gents.

Other that bit of writing and blogging still reading Wizards First Rule - lol

And really enjoyed Being Human's last ever episode which aired last night - Sunday 10th March - very good and left the ending open to interpretation.  It was a shame it has ended as I really liked the characters of Tom, Hal and Alex better than the original cast as i missed quite a few episodes from series 2 and 3.  May have to treat myself to the DVD's - talking of which - the DVD of the last series has an extra clip on it which lets you know what has really happened to the trio - think that's on my shopping list!

Well will post later this week - maybe with something new for you to read???


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wreck it Ralph

Well last Friday the 22nd Feb I took daughter to watch Wreck it Ralph the new animated film currently at the cinemas.
Went to the new cinema in Halifax - cost a fortune though - over £17 for me, a five year old and 2 snack boxes of popcorn! mmm - and that's not to see the 3D version either - maybe me being tight - lol
The main thing is we both loved the film.
It tells the story of Wreck it Ralph a baddy in an arcade game - Fix it Felix - who aspires to be good and as popular as the games star Felix.  In misguided advice he thinks winning a medal will make him popular with the rest of the characters of the game and leaves his arcade game via the electric cables and into other games including a Halo inspired game with alien bugs and a candy car world racing game similar to Mario Kart.
Lots of fun is to be had especially as it shows cameos from popular old style games including Q-bert, Sonic, Pacman to name but a few.  The film was probably more for me as I loved the old arcade games when younger.
The graphics of the game are very good and mix state of the art animation and 8-bit style arcade graphics.  It's also very funny and we both laughed buckets.  Would highly recommend this film for kids both small and big alike.
And have to admit recently have enjoyed the "kids" animation films lately including this and How to Train your Dragon, Shreks ect alot more than the live films that have been out  - some better story telling.
If there is a fault with Wreck it Ralph it did remind me of Shrek a bit as he is also a big baddy everyone is scared of who becomes the hero.    9/10