Monday, 30 September 2013

Specsavers Crime Thriller Book Club

Hi guys

Hope your all well and enjoying reading and maybe writing various things - fiction, non-fiction ect.
At the moment I am nearing the end of my short story challenge - A Chase in Time.

Due to various events I haven't been to Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) for last 2 weeks but hope to go to next one.
In the meanwhile I have been watching the above the last 2 Mondays on ITV3 hosted by Bradley Walsh.
It has been very interesting and I think goes on till mid October.
It features a mix of book and crime t.v reviews, author interviews and profiles and a crime quiz.

Tonight's show featured a beginners guide to Lewis where it mentioned Lewis and Morse creator Colin Dexter was involved in part of writing for the show and was also in each episode - Hitchcock style.

There was also a profile on Crime author Patricia Cornwall and revealed before she was a novelist she worked in a mortuary.  Which came in handy for some of her novels.
She revealed she wanted to be a writer since before college and wrote 4 novels before she was took up by a publisher with Post Mortem which was the best 1st Crime Novel in Britain and put her in the public eye.
She also revealed for her Dr Scarpetta series she researches a lot and learned to scuba dive as her character does that and has visited a gun factory
Patricia also revealed she will never kill off her character Scarpetta as would be too traumatic for the fans.
Also revealed she is nervous when starting a new book but once gets into it is fine.

All in all a very insightful show and one I will watch till the end in next couple of weeks.

See you soon



  1. Will definitely have to check these out on itv player

  2. Sounds like a good programme. Hope you can make it to CWG next time! :)