Monday, 30 April 2012

Successful Writers Group

What a great Writers Group at Cleckheaton Libary with Karen, Dawn and Daniel - and myself!
Daniel read a very good poem out tonight and Karen read my short story You Don't Know Jack - and she read it beautifully too!  Would have read myself but contacts playing up and wouldn't have done it justice!
It was both scary and good to hear people reading your work out and it sounded better than I thought it would!
We also discusses film adaptations of books and if they are successful or not and gave each over support with our writing!
Dawn is now on chapter 51 of her  YA book and nearly at the finish line.
Karen has honed her first 5 chapters of Thorde and sent to the Angry Robot open door submissions entry - good luck Karen - can't wait to read it!
Myself - well I need to get a move on - again - as need to write more of Wormhole Effect but also start the blog only short story/novella I mentioned a few blogs back - where will I get the time?  But have at least started on my notes for that!
I was so energised by the meet that when it finished at 7:50pm instead of waiting for bus home at 8:35pm I walked home to Brighouse which is quite a distance - took an hour and 20!
So here's to the next Writers Group and Daniel is concocting a writers exercise for us to do by then!
see you soon


  1. Glad you enjoyed the reading, I know I enjoyed your story and am looking forward to you bringing your World War story to the next meeting. How fantastic that we energised you enough to walk home to Brighouse!

  2. Neil, I've only just read your post as I've not been blogging or visiting others blogs for ages! I'm glad you enjoyed our writers' meet and I'm looking forward to the next one too - I can't believe you walked all that way though!