Friday, 19 August 2016

Jason Bourne - Film Review

After about ten years since Matt Damon's Bourne went into hiding in The Bourne Ultimatum he returns even more buff and with more memory intact in the weirdly titled Jason Bourne.

The film starts with Bourne living on the edge taking part in illegal fights.  His old pal Nicky Parsons played by Julia Stiles is still on the run from the CIA and has been hacking them to get information on all the Black Ops programs including the one Bourne started in.

They are pursued by CIA boss Robert Dewey played by Tommy Lee Jones and his expert on hacking and cyber terrorism Heather Lee played by Alicia Vikander.  Also is The Asset played by Vincent Cassell who has connections to Bournes past and a deadly rival.

The film is excellent entertainment and brings Bourne back into the modern espionage world and world of technology.  
Although it is a Bourne film with all the traits that are present in the past Bourne films.
Realistic fight scenes - check.  With a household object as a weapon.
Car chase with realistic crashes - check.
Bourne remembering more - check.
It felt like a best of compilation which is no bad thing although if there is another sequel they need to change it to make it fresh.
I think Bond (the serious films of Connery, Lazenby, Dalton and a couple of Daniel Craig's ) are better as they have in the most part more story and more complex but Bourne is good.

Overall - A best of Bourne and the best of the films since Supremacy.   Great acting and action scenes.

Score    9/10

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Film Review - Finding Dory

Took the daughter to Rex Cinema at Elland to watch Finding Dory.  The sequel to 2003 hit Finding Nemo.

Set a year after Finding Nemo it tells the story of her friend Dory  (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) who suffers from short term memory loss and who starts remembering her parents.  She sets off to find them with the help of cranky octopus Hank (Ed O'Neill) and eventually Nemo and his dad Marlin who go to find her.

It's a great family movie and funny in places plus tense in others as Dory goes from one dangerous situation to another.

The voice overs are great and the animation is also greatly improved from Nemo and looks so realistic in places it looks like they filmed in the real ocean.

The short film before the main film called Piper about a chick going into the sea is even more realistic.

Overall -  great film and sequel for all the family.

Score  -  9/10

Bel's score  9/10

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Book Review - Castle of Wizardry by David Eddings

Book four of David Eddings classic Belgariad series seemed to take longer to read than the last three books previous.  I have to admit although it is beautifully written with great characters and settings and political and religious intrigue as well as royal formalities it didn't hold my attention as much.

I think it is because the main quest is over and Garion, the Wizard Belgarath, Polgara and the rest of the quest are now heading back to the Island fort of Riva with the God's Orb and prophecy is moving forward to crown Garion the King of Riva and the West.
Because of this there isn't as much action although it is still involving especially as the real danger of the Evil God Torak is now waking and Garion realises he has to face him to the death.

The book deals with Garion becoming King and setting of to his destiny with Belgarath and Silk.  Also it deals with the Princess Ce Nedra becoming his Queen and a figurehead for a war to come.
Again the characters are spot on although some of the main big cast are secondary.  The books show a love for the work from the author.

Overall  - Another great read although slower than the others but the lack in pace will hopefully be faster in the next concluding part of the Belgariad.

Score  -  7/10