Thursday, 30 August 2012

Writers Holiday

Hi there

Well I have been naughty.  Was meant to get stuck into a short story and my novel once I finished my holiday about 2 weeks ago and . . . . .. .  Haven't!!
Probably because I am in some ways still in Holiday mode and just can't seem to get motivated to get back into it. 
This is most writing I have done - ha ha
I am hoping when I go to see Ann Cleeves - a local crime writer  - on Friday night doing a talk about her work it will help step me up a gear!!
Also have CWG - Cleckheaton Writers Group next Monday 3rd September so that usually gives me inspiration and gets my creative juices going!
I will write a review of the Ann Cleeves night and hope she gives me some insight and inspiration I need.
Till next time guys - Word Up x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Family Reunion

Hey three posts in one night!  I spoiling you - lol although still to do my short story from a woman's perspective - should do that instead of blogging - ha
Anyway had the honour of meeting up with my Aunt Jeanne who I haven't seen for nearly 20 years since my Dad's funeral and my cousin Tracey who I hadn't seen since really little.
We enjoyed a meal together in the local pub and then a light tea at my flat where they stayed over for the night.  Bel enjoyed them being there also and the attention she received.
It was great fun catching up and we won't be leaving it as long next time to meet.
Cheers guys x

The Dark Knight Rises - Review


Whilst I was on holiday in Cleethorpes went to a very spanky cinema and went to watch the latest Batman film - Dark Knight Rises.
It was probably the best of the three Nolan films so far - although being a writer I had a good idea of what was going to happen and saw the "twist" ending coming a mile off.
It was well acted and this interpretation of Bane was very good - Tom Hardy very good - although when a twist near end happened there were echoes of the Batman & Robin version of Bane!
One niggle I had was at the beginning Bruce Wayne had an injured leg from the fall at the end of the previous film with Two-Face and walked with a limp and stick.
He gets a device he puts on his leg to strengthen it even smashing a wall.  But it isn't clear if it mends leg completely or he wears it all way through which I doubt but his leg isn't mentioned again.
A plot hole me thinks ?
Anyway a fantastic film and good way to end the Nolan Batman franchise - here's to the next!
rating  10/10


Hi Guys

Long time no post - but have been on my jollies to the exotic seaside resort of ......... Cleethorpes - lol
It was a really good time to be had by all - me, daughter Bel and my Mum and Stepdad.

The caravan we stayed in was very nice and spacious we all had beds each.  It was quite modern also.
There was alot to do there including playing on the beach, the busy promenade, fair ground rides, cinema, lake with pedalos which we nearly sank in.
There was also a zoo we enjoyed with a talkative parrot and a mouse that broke into the zoo!
Main thing is Bel loved her time there, so did I.
Will probably go back in a year or two.

Ta Neil

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Hi Guys

Hope you are all well and dandy.  Well I still been naughty and not done much writing - none in fact - and was hoping to have the short story challenge from a woman's point of view done by now.

Alas I have been lazy and not started it  - yet - thinking of starting it tonight but it will be over a week by time I come back and finish it as I am off to Cleethorpes for a week on a caravan holiday beforehand.

So in about 2 weeks time I should have it finished and posted here and shared with my CWG members!

Will check in on here in about a week!

C yA  Neil x