Monday, 26 November 2012

Writers Group Meet 26/11/12

Hi Guys

Well  I managed to get my arse to the CWG (Cleckheaton Writers Group) meet tonight - through the dark, wind and rain!  Was glad I did as not many there today just myself, Dawn and Karen.
Pauline, Laura and Dane couldn't make it (ain't even met Dane - lol).
We talked about what we were working on - Dawn is about to enter her Childrens story into a competition now she has almost finished her 2nd draft.
Karen is also entering her Young Adult novel too and only 2 chapters to go till she finishes - well done ladies!
They have inspired me to get back into my novel The Wormhole Effect which I confessed I was having doubts about as I had recently seen a film in last month which had similar themes - a machine that takes people to another dimension and Lizard people baddies  - although the film was a bit crap and one of Will Ferrells weakest.
Karen and Dawn told me I should go for it as most stories and books have similar themes an example being Twilight and Vampire Diaries!  I too have noticed this in quite a few books - it hard to find truly original stories.  So with Dawn and Karen pushing me on I will get back into it - hopefully this week and I have been thinking about it alot recently - different scenarios etc.
And besides my themes are alot different - my novel will be very adult and be dark in tone!!!

Karen also read two chapters from her novel Thorde which were very good - only problem is they were chapters in middle of novel so was a little lost but other than that very good!

Just hoping they go with my suggestion to have the next writing group in a pub - for chat and few drinks - well it is Christmas - almost!!

Well till next time folks


Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh dear

Well I have a problem!!

This is primary a writing blog with a few reviews thrown in for good measure and have just realised I have no more short stories to add to the blog - I need to get some writing new ones - I've still two challengers to do - write a short story from a woman's POV and write a story about a woman seeing a ghost that happens to be her son - got 2 ideas for these and a James Bond spoof which I wish I had done to co-incide with the new Bond - all that and my novel The Wormhole Effect too!! 
From tomorrow will be busy - wish me luck.

C ya guys - Neil

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hi folks

Well haven't posted for a while been busy with various events - most notably seeing the new James Bond flick Skyfall and seeing author and ex SAS man Andy Mcnab!!
I have also been reading and catching up on my Writing News Magazines as am a month behind on them as well as re-reading my novel ready to re-start writing.

I have also been watching alot of Paranormal shows recently like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Witness so being on my own have had the ebby jeebies and hidden away in bed instead of writing.

This means this year I haven't entered the NanoWrimo writing task which takes place every November to get people writing a novel or at least having a go!  Was going to continue mine but been told it to be a fresh novel from scratch - good luck to my Cleckheaton Writers Group colleagues and any other writers taking part.
Below is a quick review of the Andy Mcnab author event and Skyfall.

SkyFall - the latest in the James Bond franchise and many reviewers and critics have said it's tone of the best Bond movies out and I have to agree.  The opening scene is very action packed and reminded me a little of the Bourne films.  Bond gets badly injured and presumed dead when he turns up again to serve Queen and M he isn't quite the Bond we knew - the injuries have taken their toll on him as and he is quite unfit.
The bad guy is very good - a betrayed agent who seeks revenge on M.
The best thing about the film is that it ends where the Sean Connery films started - a male M, Q and Miss Moneypenny.
Score 9/10

Andy Mcnab Author talk - Huddersfield Town Hall - 8th November

Well I abit behind with my posts wanted to put this up before - but I was glad to meet and see Andy Mcnab - a British institution who has been through alot - from living in borstal when young to joining the army and working his way up the ranks to becoming SAS and on inportant missions in the first Gulf War and againest the drug cartels of Africa - he's most famous for being a POW in the Gulf War paraded on Iraq T.V and being tortured for 6 weeks.  He came back with dislocated shoulder, kidney and nerve damage and hepatitus as well as a few missing teeth.  He is one of only three of a group of eight alive - another being author Chris Ryan who escaped.

Andy was a warm and down to earth man who now enjoys success with his novels - most notable for his account of his mission Bravo Two Zero and his thriller novels featuring Nick Stone of which is has begun writing the newest one and is 20,000 words into a 120,000 word book.
He told us his new book featuring new character Tom Buckingham - Red Alert is to be made into a film next year.
He also mentioned he goes around military schools and gives talks and lessons as an advisor. 
He also works on films giving technical advise on weapons and fight scenes.  He was an advisor on Heat with Al Pacino, Black Hawk Down and the Transporter films.
I bought one of his Nick Stone novels Dead Centre which I am looking forward to reading - will give a review on here when done so - with my slow reading it will probably be in 2015 - lol.
Anyway a better account of Andy Mcnab night is on Karen's blog at

blog soon folks!!!!