Monday, 26 November 2012

Writers Group Meet 26/11/12

Hi Guys

Well  I managed to get my arse to the CWG (Cleckheaton Writers Group) meet tonight - through the dark, wind and rain!  Was glad I did as not many there today just myself, Dawn and Karen.
Pauline, Laura and Dane couldn't make it (ain't even met Dane - lol).
We talked about what we were working on - Dawn is about to enter her Childrens story into a competition now she has almost finished her 2nd draft.
Karen is also entering her Young Adult novel too and only 2 chapters to go till she finishes - well done ladies!
They have inspired me to get back into my novel The Wormhole Effect which I confessed I was having doubts about as I had recently seen a film in last month which had similar themes - a machine that takes people to another dimension and Lizard people baddies  - although the film was a bit crap and one of Will Ferrells weakest.
Karen and Dawn told me I should go for it as most stories and books have similar themes an example being Twilight and Vampire Diaries!  I too have noticed this in quite a few books - it hard to find truly original stories.  So with Dawn and Karen pushing me on I will get back into it - hopefully this week and I have been thinking about it alot recently - different scenarios etc.
And besides my themes are alot different - my novel will be very adult and be dark in tone!!!

Karen also read two chapters from her novel Thorde which were very good - only problem is they were chapters in middle of novel so was a little lost but other than that very good!

Just hoping they go with my suggestion to have the next writing group in a pub - for chat and few drinks - well it is Christmas - almost!!

Well till next time folks


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  1. It was a good meeting and I like the suggestion of some of the next one as a Christmas 'bit of a do' in the pub - it also happens to be my birthday on the 8th and Dawn's on the 10th so what a fab excuse :)