Sunday, 7 August 2016

Film Review - Finding Dory

Took the daughter to Rex Cinema at Elland to watch Finding Dory.  The sequel to 2003 hit Finding Nemo.

Set a year after Finding Nemo it tells the story of her friend Dory  (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) who suffers from short term memory loss and who starts remembering her parents.  She sets off to find them with the help of cranky octopus Hank (Ed O'Neill) and eventually Nemo and his dad Marlin who go to find her.

It's a great family movie and funny in places plus tense in others as Dory goes from one dangerous situation to another.

The voice overs are great and the animation is also greatly improved from Nemo and looks so realistic in places it looks like they filmed in the real ocean.

The short film before the main film called Piper about a chick going into the sea is even more realistic.

Overall -  great film and sequel for all the family.

Score  -  9/10

Bel's score  9/10

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