Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fresh New Look

Hi Guys

Well instead of writing something and posting onto my blog I decided to mess with it and give it a new look with a few small add-ons including a "What I'm Reading" spot - don't expect it to change much as I so slow at reading - faster at writing ha ha!

There's also a photo of yours truly - but don't let that put you off!

There will be more changes to follow shortly - hopefully a list of sites and blogs useful to other writers and readers!

Thought would make the changes after seeing some of the other writers blogs I have met on Twitter!

And what a great place Twitter is - celebs, publishers, Authors and other aspiring writers - keep it up folks!

Happy Reading - and Writing  :-)


  1. The blog is looking fabulous...maybe you could give the Writers Group some pointers on theirs and the joys of Twitter at the next meeting?

  2. Looks better now you changed writing babesx was a little hard to read before that lol