Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Need to get serious

Hi followers

Hope your all well - long time no blog (again)!
I really need to get serious and get my butt in gear and get writing!

At moment I am writing my novel The Wormhole Effect and only 3 chapters in still so need to speed up on that although I have edited the first 2 chapters recently and the prologue and sent them to the Good Housekeeping Novel competition!!
Although as usual I did things last minute and sent 2 days before closing date - doh! hope they got it in time - haven't had any acknowledgment yet - sob!
I also need to start a new short story for Calderdale short story comp as that closes in June I think!

It's not as if i have been doing much else and now I have moved into my own flat you'd think I'd have written loads especially as I haven't a television in living room yet - ha

Well will put a couple of old stories up to remind you all of my genius and let any newcomers read some without trawling down through the blogs to the stories!

Till next time - live long and prosper!


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