Monday, 19 March 2012

Top Writers Meet at Cleckheaton

Hi followers

Has been a good night at Cleckheaton Library and met the new guy Daniel who wrote a very descriptive and moving piece based on his own life - a biography so to speak - very brave and good piece of writing too!

Even I read out my own work - the prologue to The Wormhole Effect - very nervous as not keen on talking to groups but as this was small wasn't too bad!
Talking of which if any of you want to join let me know!
Dawn read out her 403rd chapter of her young adult novel - only joking Dawn!  Chapter 43 - very good it was too and she has done well to get to 43rd chapter - hope I can get to the forth never mind 43rd!
It was my cup of tea too - people on a fantasy quest with magic artefacts and secrets - when I get the chance wouldn't mind reading it all - just getting time to read it!
Also some good news for Karen who won the "How to write a childrens picture book competition" with a very funny bedroom story/verse called " No Bear for Bedtime" - Well done Karen - let this be the first of many competition wins for you and the group!

Tonight also inspired me to get editing my novel "Wormhole Effect" especially as deadline approaching for novel competition on 31st March!  Although in my new flat haven't a decent television so this may not be a problem!
Write soon folks!


  1. Can't wait to see the edited version for the competition - fingers crossed, Karen

  2. I look forward to reading the rest of the Wormhole Effect, although it will probably scare me silly! :o) If you like I'll send you another chapter or two of the SC, but I won't expect you to read them until you get your compo entries sent off!