Friday, 16 March 2012

Wormhole Effect Prologue

Hi everyone - long time no blog!  Have been busy moving into new flat so hopefully be writing more now I'm settled in!  Here's something I managed to get done though a prologue to my novel The Wormhole Effect - Enjoy

Adam’s head was pounding hard, nausea welled up from within as he tried to come around and remember what had happened!  He struggled to open his eyes but the bash to the head had affected his sight too.  As he opened his eyes all he could see was white light.  Blurred shapes went back and forth.  People he thought.  But the light and blurriness just made his head hurt even more.

He felt the warm stream of blood running down the side of his face and the pounding of his pulse at the temple and the gush of blood made his head worse.  Adam went to move his hand to wipe away the blood running down his face and to feel how bad the cut was, but as he tried to move either hand he realised they were tied up somehow at his sides.  The more he tried to move them the more he could feel whatever was around his wrists tightening up, hurting him.  His hands started to feel numb as the circulation started to cut off.

Adam looked down towards his hands trying to focus through the concussion, through the whiteness he made out something green wrapped around his wrists, he thought it looked like vine and with panic welling up within he started to thrash about which only made the vines tighten on his wrists even more, cutting into his flesh.
Suddenly a shadow came up on him fast and Adam briefly felt a hard leathery hand on the front of his head.  It felt cold but Adam had no time to register this as the hand whacked him hard in his face,  as his head went back it hit the harsh jagged rock he was tied to and he slumped into darkness.

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  1. Excellent prologue to The Wormhole Effect - would be great to share this with Daniel on Monday night, along with some of your other work.