Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Need to be more Regular!

Hi guys - have realised need to be more serious about my blog and actually blog more - only danger is that I will eventually run out of stories written to put on my blog - lol
The solution to that is to write more stories!
In an earlier blog I mentioned I would be putting a serial story on my blog each week - haven't started this yet but got an idea for a black comedy James Bond spoof!
Watch this space for this.

Well haven't been up to much since last blog - watched Avengers Assemble other week - very good film - although bit predictable.
Finished a short story for Calderdale Short Story Competition - just need to edit it and send off by this weekend.
I also attended another enjoyable Writers Group where we shared our work exercise relating to our creative inspirations and talked about my favourite author David Gemmell.
Speak soon guys!

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