Tuesday, 3 September 2013

CWG Meeting 2/9/13

Hi guys

Long time no blog (again) will need to keep it up more often - oo-er.  Just been busy with other things lately but now back on form - almost finished the fan fiction short story competition now and I hope to post Prague photos on here at some point.

Anyway to business - as well as not writing, blogging for almost 2 months I also hadn't been to the Cleckheaton Writers Group - the dates clashed with a few things - one of them being Prague.

So I was back tonight with Karen, Dawn, Daniella and Pauline - we had a catch up of where we was at writing wise - Myself and Pauline not done much, Dawn had started something new and waiting to hear from agents - good luck Dawn, and Karen was finishing last draft of Thorde as well as contemplating her next story.
After showing her a Crime novel competition I had spotted in Pauline's Writers Forum she would finish her crime novel hopefully in time for that.
Karen also brought her challenge story which she had also tweaked for a magazine competition - so good luck Karen.  A urban, sex in the city type story - very good.

Feedback was also given on five chapters Daniella had wanted us to review although some of the content was very touchy so feedback was given where needed but I missed some of it as I had a contact lense malfunction which I had to deal with and even had to go to Opticians today to sort out - all done.

All in all a good meeting - here's to the next - it good to be back in the writers seat.

Will speak very soon guys


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  1. Looking forward to reading the fan fiction short story. I entered my short story into the Stylist magazine competition on Tuesday, so I will let you know how I get on (fingers crossed). Still final drafting away on Thorde, but will be straight onto the crime novel after that - hopefully in time for the competition!