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Peter Robinson - Author talk - 12/09/2013

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I'm treating you to some photos in this post.  Like the Andy McNab author talk at Huddersfield Town Hall last year I went to see above author Peter Robinson - famed for his crime novels in particular the long running DCI Banks series - which has been turned into an ITV drama lately starring Stephen Tomkinson - also shown above.

It was a very enjoyable evening in which Peter discussed a little bit about his new book Children of the Revolution.  He read a part of it that occurs near the beginning so there would be no spoilers then took a Q&A session.

What we learned is that Peter grew up in Armley, Leeds and used to visit the local library a lot.  He relied on these when younger.  In 1969 Peter also lived in Huddersfield on Leeds Road.
He eventually moved to Canada.

Peter revealed that he started writing poetry and moved onto fiction later on.
Also that in his new book DCI Banks reflects on his mortality as the victim is the same age as Banks so he starts to question his future.
Peter let slip that Banks ages slowly in the books and he would like to keep Banks going yet do more standalone stories so he has no plans to stop writing maybe slow down.

Peter mentioned that he doesn't outline his plots he goes with the flow and sometimes he doesn't know who has committed the murder until the end and didn't see Bank's wife leaving him.  He said his plots work out in the end but likes to start his novels with a place - somewhere a body may be found like a dried up river.

With the T.V series starting he tries not to think of Stephen Tompkinson's version of Banks as he is a different type of Banks and he has a different image of what Banks looks like.  Peter's version of Banks is shorter and stockier but Stephen has grown on him and even went to visit Peter on his holiday in Florida so he could discuss playing the part of DCI Banks.
Peter was an extra in the first episode but not involved in the scripts and the T.V series differs to the books.

Well hope you enjoyed some facts on Peter Robinson and his character of DCI Banks and gives you something to think about if you are maybe writing a novel - particular a crime novel.

See you soon folks

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