Monday, 24 June 2013

Man of Steel - Film Review

Hi again Well at the weekend actually managed to get to the cinema - even though have missed out on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2 - I think this film more than made up for it. Although the admission price was steep at Halifax Vue cinema for 2 adults and large popcorn and drink - £23!! Blimey and it weren't 3D either - ha. Well onto the film - I had been looking forward to seeing this film since seeing the trailers as it looked the Superman story but in a different light - a more modern approach and what the makers of Superman Returns should have done instead of continuing the continuation and look of the Christopher Reeve movies. The movie is a new re-telling of his origins with a large dash of CGI and the new to it. The opening on Krypton looked stunning with Supes mum naturally giving birth to him which hasn't happened on Krypton for centuries. Russell Crowe put a very good turn in as his father who knows Krypton is doomed as they have been using the core of the planet as a major resource - something which could happen to us at one point I fear. Anyway they send him off to earth as General Zod - who's a right sod makes a power play for the planet thus getting himself sent to the Phantom zone with his cronies. It then flashes to earth with a buff Clark Kent - excellently played by Henry Cavill - who looked hot - and I'm straight - lol (hell even Kevin Costner as his earth dad looked buff). Clark is a loner looking to find his way on the planet and try to fit in - it keeps flashing to his childhood as he remembers his powers slowly manifesting as he gets older - the laser vision, strength and X-Ray Vision (lucky bugger). Louis Lane finds out about his heroics and eventually they find a ship sent to Earth by Superman's father which tells him who he is and gives him his suit. Then General Zod turns up with his men and it's a CGI slug-fest with plenty more action than Avengers Assemble. Overall the film is well cast and all main supporters are good and Cavill nails it as the new Clark/Superman. I was so glad they didn't do too many nods to the original films and made it something new and fresh. SPOILER ALERT - Some people have been unhappy with the way Superman finished off General Zod and some say it's out of character with his past but I say that he had to do what he did as this version of Zod wasn't going to stop till every human was gone - also people forget in Superman 3 how Clark strangled his evil version to death - which was probably more shocking. I urge you to go see this so a sequel gets made although I not sure how they going to top it as most of Metropolis got destroyed. 10/10


  1. Great review Neil. I had a good time with this movie, but wish it was more than just another loud, superhero movie that’s heavy on the effects and action, and light on the story.

  2. Thanks glad you liked the review - thought story wasn't too bad had a lot to cram in.