Monday, 21 October 2013

Crime Thriller Book Club - again

Hi Guys

Just a quick blog to mention the above - over the last 4 to 6 weeks I have been watching the Crime Thriller Book Club on ITV3 every Monday night at 9pm.
It's been a mix of book reviews, t.v. series guides and interviews with actors and actresses from t.v. crime thrillers as well as popular crime authors.
Presented by Bradley Walsh it has been quite informative especially if you enjoy your crime books and drama.  Although Bradley has grown on me presenting the show I wasn't sure about him at the beginning.

Anyway tonight was the last episode - was enjoyable with a bluffers guide to Midsomer Murders which is based on 5 novels by Caroline Graham.

There was also an interview with Martina Cole - one of my ex-girlfriends favorite authors and what I based one of my short stories on.
I learned that Martina has sold over 15 million books worldwide.
She has been a book fanatic since she was small and wrote her first book at fourteen.  She also wrote an historical novel at eighteen.  She used to write alot as she had no money for anything else and had children.

Dangerous Lady was her breakthrough novel which she wrote at twenty one but put into a cupboard till she was thirty and got it out read it with a few glasses of wine and decided to send it off - the rest as they say is history.
She writes a book a year and plays the same era of music to match the era she is writing about.

Martina admits to killing characters she dosen't intend to.  Also her books are the most stolen in shops which she finds funny.
Her 20th novel "Revenge" is out soon - in time for xmas I bet.

Well guys hope you like my brief post and hope to blog soon.



  1. Thanks for the heads up on "Revenge." I look forward to reading it. Another book that you might love is called, " No One Can Know" by author Adrienne LaCava. An interesting cast providing various perspectives on 1960’s issues.

  2. Sounds like a really good series Neil, hope to find it on itvplayer

  3. Thanks Robyn hope you enjoyed
    yes Karen was very interesting and some good author reviews