Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wreck it Ralph

Well last Friday the 22nd Feb I took daughter to watch Wreck it Ralph the new animated film currently at the cinemas.
Went to the new cinema in Halifax - cost a fortune though - over £17 for me, a five year old and 2 snack boxes of popcorn! mmm - and that's not to see the 3D version either - maybe me being tight - lol
The main thing is we both loved the film.
It tells the story of Wreck it Ralph a baddy in an arcade game - Fix it Felix - who aspires to be good and as popular as the games star Felix.  In misguided advice he thinks winning a medal will make him popular with the rest of the characters of the game and leaves his arcade game via the electric cables and into other games including a Halo inspired game with alien bugs and a candy car world racing game similar to Mario Kart.
Lots of fun is to be had especially as it shows cameos from popular old style games including Q-bert, Sonic, Pacman to name but a few.  The film was probably more for me as I loved the old arcade games when younger.
The graphics of the game are very good and mix state of the art animation and 8-bit style arcade graphics.  It's also very funny and we both laughed buckets.  Would highly recommend this film for kids both small and big alike.
And have to admit recently have enjoyed the "kids" animation films lately including this and How to Train your Dragon, Shreks ect alot more than the live films that have been out  - some better story telling.
If there is a fault with Wreck it Ralph it did remind me of Shrek a bit as he is also a big baddy everyone is scared of who becomes the hero.    9/10

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  1. Sounds like a good movie, might have to take my two to see it.