Monday, 11 February 2013


Hi guys

How you all doing - all 11 followers!

Just wondering if anything has changed on blogger?  I'm asking as I can't load up any blogs to read which I normally go on!

If anyone has any ideas let me know ASAP as got a few blogs which are written by my fellow Cleckheaton Writers Group chums which I wish to read - some have competitions on!


Update - currently going to write my 100 word story for a Jeffrey Archer competition - wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the 100 word competition Neil. Let me know which story you have entered and maybe you could bring it to share with us at Monday's meeting?

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  3. Hope you entered this Neil in spite of my getting the rules wrong! Wish you all the best. Px

    ps. I'm following you, it would be nice if you would reciprocate.

    See you at the March meeting.

    ...Ooops, sorry pressed the wrong button! Have retyped this comment. It's an age thing! P x