Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello Strangers

Well well well - long time no see you sexy people.  Have you missed me?  Bet no one has.

Yes yet again I've been naughty and neglected my lovely sparkly blog.
Yet again have not written as much as I should have - still to finish 2 short stories - the woman's POV and the paranormal story.
Yet again still not got further on my dimension jumping novel Wormhole Effect.  This I need to get moving on now as will never get published.
Yet again I haven't finished reading the marathon epic Wizards First Rule - been nearly a year and half since started it.

Also I haven't been to CWG - Cleckheaton Writers Group for over a month - it called that right? forgetting lol
And I also have to catch up on the Writers Magazines I have lurking about - bet I missing out on a few competitions to enter there!

But . .. all above will change -  I will write more regular posts on this Blog.
I will finish the 2 sort stories within 2 weeks and re-visit my novel.
In-between I will finish large book and mags - and why?

A = Because I think tonight I got my Writing Mojo back.
The other day I saw a free competition to enter for Munch Bunch - £1000 prize to write a 600 - 800 children's story involving Munch the cow.
For about a day and half ideas been flowing through my head - and tonight it took me just an hour and half to write the full story, re-read and edit and send it off.  Was pretty chuffed with result.

Plus importantly I really enjoyed writing again once I got laptop on - no internet or t.v to distract me.
Hope this is the kick up butt I need.
Sadly won't be able to post the story until competition over - and if win will add their site on here to go to for you to read.

Well guys see you soon

p.s. still not seen Iron Man 3 or New Star Trek - grrrr


  1. And I thought I was lacking because I hadn't started reading David Gemmell yet lol

  2. Then get reading him - you will fly through the action