Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Munch and the Silver Ball

Hi guys

Well I have just been on the Munch time site to see if I was shortlisted in the last 10 entrants and sadly I wasn't - sob.  The competition was to create a story for children of up to 900 words with Munch the cow as the main character.
See here for more information and the 10 runner up stories - http://www.munchtime.co.uk/

Here's my Story:

Munch and the Silver Ball by Neil Walker

Once upon a Munch time there was a cow called Munch who was happily chewing grass in her field.  The sun was shining,  the sky a cloudless blue.  The only shadow was from the castle higher up the hill.
Munch heard sobbing over the hedge.  She looked over into the park and saw Princess Annabel in her pretty pink dress with pink diamond crown sat on the swings looking sad.
“What’s wrong Princess?” asked Munch.
“I’ve lost my Mummy’s ball.”  wailed Princess Annabel. 
“It’s alright we will find it.  What does it look like?  Where did you see it last?”
“A big silver ball,” replied  Princess Annabel “It rolled down the hill all by itself.”

Munch took the Princess’s hand and they strolled out of the park and down the hill.  Soon they were by the woods.  Cyril the crow cawed loudly from the trees.  They looked up at him.  He flapped his black wings out.
“Cyril have you seen a silver ball go past here?” asked Munch.
“Caw, Caw, Yes shiny, very shiny.  Every time I went to catch it.  It moved away . . . caw”
“Where did it move to?”
“Caw caw, down the hill, very shiny.” replied Cyril.
They set off down the hill again with Cyril flying overhead.  After some distance they had got to the pond.  Princess Annabel was very upset now.

Munch squeezed her hand and smiled to her as she looked up. 
“It’s fine we will find your Mummy’s ball,” said Munch.
A frog croaked loudly nearby making Princess Annabel jump high.
“It’s alright it’s only Freddie Frog,” pointed Munch to a big fat green frog trying to keep itself on its Lilly pad.
 It failed.  Splash.
Freddie jumped out beside them.
“Have you seen a silver ball Freddie?” asked Munch.
Freddie nodded and hopped down the rest of the big hill.  Munch the cow and Princess Annabel followed with Cyril flying high above them.

After a short walk they had at last reached the bottom of the hill and a big green field.  There at long last was the silver ball.   It shone brightly in the sunlight as they moved towards it.
Also there was Alfie.   He was Princess Annabel’s friend and he too was trying to catch the ball.  Every time he went towards it, the silver ball moved.
“Hi Alfie you’ve found my Mummy’s ball,” shouted Princess Annabel.
“Hi,” puffed Alfie.  “I can’t catch it, please help.”

They all went to help and try catch it.  Munch tried to pick it up by her hoofs.  Princess Annabel by her hands.  Cyril the crow by his talons and Freddie by his long sticky tongue.
It always moved out the way.
“I think I have an idea,” said Munch taking off her red bag pack.  “What we need is team work.  Get the ball into my pack.”
Laying her bag pack open in front of her on the grass the others chased the ball.  Eventually closing in and forcing it to the bag pack.
The silver ball rolled in as Munch shut the bag pack quick.  They had done it.
“We need to return it to your Mummy,” said Munch.  “She may not be happy.”
Princess Annabel nodded as they made the long walk back up the hill towards the castle.
Alfie followed as Freddie hopped up the hill too.  Cyril again flew above them up to the castle.

They eventually reached the castle and went straight to the throne room where Princess Annabel’s Mummy was sat on the large gold throne looking worried.  She smiled as she saw them.
“Princess Annabel has something of yours,” said Munch.   She passed her bag to the Princess.
“I’m sorry Mummy I just wanted to play with it.  I promise I won’t take things again without asking.” Said Princess Annabel.
She opened the bag and gave her Mummy the silver ball.  The Queen sighed with relief.
“I will let you off this time but make sure you don’t break your promise.  Now everyone I would like you to meet a friend of mine.”
The Queen whispered something secret, something magic and the silver ball split open.
Out flew a small pink fairy.
“This is Lulu the fairy,” exclaimed the Queen.
“Hi everyone. Blimey my room needs tidying now,” said Lulu pointing to the open silver ball.
Everyone laughed.

Later on that evening Lulu used her magic to make a feast there were even stacks of grass for Munch the cow to chew, a fly trap for Freddie the frog to eat off and a four and twenty worm pie for Cyril to eat.
They all had a wonderful time.

The End.

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  1. Great story Neil - I reckon if you had afew pics to go with it Rosie would love it (she's very discerning for her age!) :)