Monday, 15 July 2013

Writing Update

Hi guys

How you all?

Well I stumbled a little on my writing - again.
Started doing the writing challenge Pauline gave us at the last CWG meeting I attended straight away and ain't done any for nearly 2 weeks.  The reason . . .
Research of course - I'm doing fan fiction for a change - writing something I'm not used to!

Also I am getting ready for a drunken weekend in Prague for my mate Rich 30th birthday so all energy going into that.  Talking of energy mine has been drained with the heatwave we are in.  In fact once I get home from work I feel shattered and too tired to write let alone gym - sob!

Anyway hoping to complete story for Friday before I go - if not will be on when I get back then it's into a slightly connected short story trilogy - inspired by Simon Peggs 3 flavoured Cornetto trilogy.

Enjoy the sun folks

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to reading the writing Neil, so hope you get it done before you go off for your fun weekend in Prague.