Monday, 15 April 2013

CWG Meeting 15/04/13

Hi Guys

Hope your all alright - all 11 of you - ha

Tonight was the first Cleckheaton Writers Group meet for about a month and it was a very good night - although Karen was sadly AWOL - ha.
Daniella, Laura and Pauline all shared their challenge short stories - the challenge was "Someone comes home and finds something different on their kitchen table".
All three stories were very good and different - one included a surprise party, another a murder and the other infidelity.
Laura also shared the opening chapter to a new fantasy novel she has started and I can't wait to read more - very good prose.

Daniella informed us that a play she shared with us the first night she came "The Light" won first prize in a play competition.
Pauline told us the inspiration behind her writing - her grandfather who in the 2nd world war vanished in mysterious circumstances!!!
She also advised us to read Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan.

All in all a enjoyable 2 hours - and Laura spared me my planned walk home (part of my keep fit), and gave me a lift - thanks L x

Till next time folks

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  1. Glad it was such a good meeting. Fab news about Daniela. Am sure Laura will have passed my apologies on as I asked. Think this is the first meeting I have not been at ever (save holidays), pleased you had good meet without me. Maybe we should take turns running it from now on?