Thursday, 28 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Weekend

Hi Guys

This is a little belated as it's nearly a week since the Doctor's 50th Anniversary weekend which I really enjoyed.
From An adventure in Time and Space - the story of how Doctor Who was introduced to the world in 1963 which was intriguing as well as sad especially how it showed how William Hartnell felt when told he wouldn't be on the show anymore to countdown of Doctor Who villians and the Ultimate Doctor Who guide which was on BBC Three a few times and went through all the Doctors, companions and everything else you needed to know.  There was also the short "Night of the Doctor" which was on BBC red button and on the internet which re-introduced us to Paul Mcganns 8th Doctor and how he became John Hurt's war Doctor.  This was really good and I hope they do a mini series based around the 8th Doctor as he is short changed.

Then there was the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor - which showed current 11th Doctor Matt Smith meeting up with his previous self - 10th Doctor David Tennant and John Hurt's War Doctor.  This was probably my favourite episode of new era Doctor Who which blended new era as well as old era with eerie cameos from all the past Doctors coming to the aid of the Time Lord planet of Gallifrey - slightly cheesy but effective anyway.  The three Doctors worked very good together and had funny nicknames for each other - Grandpa, sand shoes and chinny.  The supporting cast was excellent also and the final scene with Tom Baker as the curator was poignant and quirky - my theory is that he was part memory and part subconscious of the Doctor.  He also helps the future of the show find its theme - to find Gallifrey.

All in all 9 out of 10.

Talking of Doctor Who I have now finished my short story Doctor Who fan fiction which I started as part of a CWG writing challenge where I had to write a story involving the following:
taxi ride, old enemies and valentines day.  I couldn't get the image of Matt Smith's Doctor in the back of a taxi causing mayhem.
Started in June I have just finished - haven't done as much editing as I should but will put it on here soon - Did I just take ages writing it or have it coincide with Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - you will never know - lol.



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  1. Great review Neil - I also watched everything that night and really enjoyed it, including the Red Button Dr Who comedy by Peter Davison, which was really funny. Your taxi/enemy/V day story sounds really fun - I'm looking forward to reading it :)