Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Update/ Holiday

Hi Guys

Long time no blog again!

As far as writing goes haven't done any for the last two weeks as been on holiday from work including writing.  I have been on holiday to sunny Cleethorpes with my daughter and Mum - which was enjoyable although the weather wasn't great - that's great British weather for you!!

But did get to go to cinema with daughter to watch The Nut Job - quick score - 6/10 - was good for kids but quite forgettable with ok animation and made in South Korea!

Well other than going to Cleethorpes and chilling out at home I have been reading and still attending Cleckheaton Writers Group meetings.

Here's a quick run of the last meet - had a new member called the ninth Doctor - I mean Steven who was dressed similar to Christopher Eccelston's Doctor.  He has been working in script writing for around 25 years and is a script consultant specializing on how the stories are told.

He gave the group some good advice on story structure and gave advice to Karen who had two stories to share which were very good and in a similar vein involving demons.  Andy also shared a good steampunk story and hope to hear more soon.

Well not done anything else to be honest except the Ice Bucket challenge everyone is doing at the moment - there are some good videos with people getting soaked out there although I feel it's wearing a bit thin - but it's for good causes - ASL and Macmillan - mine wasn't great like the ones on construction sites ect.  My fave at the moment is still the Patrick Stewart one - the smoothie - lol

I may try to upload the video up to the blog if remember and can do it.

Well from this weekend going to get back into my writing as haven't done any for ages and the rest of the CWG have been busy writing loads!!

Till next time guys

Neil x

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