Sunday, 14 September 2014

Quick update

Hey guys

How you all? Hope you've all been busy reading and writing!

I haven't written anything - again but been thinking off some good ideas.

Unfortunately Dr Who beat me to the post on one idea as I thought up a beginning of a story where a young girl was scared hiding under the bed and the Doctor and Clara turn up - last night's episode kind of covered that but if anyone wants me to still write that then let me know in comments box - if I get enough people wanting me to write it anyway I will and post on here.

Talking of Dr Who I'm really enjoying this series with Peter Capadi more than the last two Matt Smith series.  Ok its not perfect but enjoy this darker, manic and quite mysterious Doctor.  He's a cross between the classic Doctors William Hartwell and Tom Baker with a splash of Jon Pertwee.

The stories are quite different too loved the dark monster under the bed one last night and the Dalek story and even the Robin Hood story which had some great one liners and jibes in.

Anyway got Steve at CWG doing a character workshop tomorrow so hope that will get my writing going got at least two novels on go and hardly done plus short stories - from tomorrow going to up my game!

Well folks will go do notes and remember if you wanting a new Doctor Who story from me let me know in the comments box.

Night all

Neil x

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