Monday, 29 September 2014

CWG Meeting Monday 29th Sept

Hi guys

How you all?  Tonight was a good meeting with myself, Pauline, Andy, Karen and new member David.

We introduced ourselves to David and described what we write.
David writes alternative world steam punk - plus with his stories he adds music - sounded like War of the World's!
He is influenced by George Mann and Sherlock Holmes books.

We told David how the group works with an agenda including feedback session.

We all discussed our work in progress I mentioned making notes for my environmental apololyptic story.

Andy read two funny stories he had written a while ago - the second one being the better of the two.

We discussed we may do Nano Wrimo in November.

Pauline told us she's still writing for the 89 year old author Harry who has 5 books he wants publishing.

I told the group I had bought a ticket to see Sci fi author Peter F Hamilton in Waterstones,  Leeds on 14th October.

We also discussed about cliff hanger endings to chapters and dodgy toilets in Bradford Interchange among other things!

A good night - welcome David - hope you enjoyed it?

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