Monday, 12 December 2011

Nearly Xmas

My my it nearly Christmas already - can't believe this year has nearly gone - it been so fast!

But what a difference a year makes - now single and actually managed to write something - done more writing last few month than in last 8 years - lol
Although I have to admit been a bit slack in last 3 to 5 weeks - in fact I miffed I haven't managed to get to Cleakheaton Writers Group last few times but will make sure I go from now on!

But instead of writing I have managed to do some reading - it's all good - lol
Finished a very good heroric fantasy novel by David Gemmell called Waylander 2 - although had been reading it from July and it only 325 pages - but due to bad personal things from around August it was hard to concentrate on it!

But now my head screwed on abit more then I hope to finish my next book sooner! Even though it 700 plus pages - another fantasy novel by Terry Goodkind called Wizard's First Rule - very good so far!

Anyway enough waffle - tomorrow will post first chapter of my NanoWrimo novel - The Wormhole Effect - which I think everyone in my writers group are eager to read - hope I don't dissapoint!

See Ya

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