Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Spectre (James Bond) - Film Review

Went to see the latest Daniel Craig Bond movie last night - Spectre.

My gf and I went to see it at an old fashioned cinema in Elland called The Rex Cinema, which only has one screen but more charm than the multiplexes and a lot cheaper.  Only Eight pound for both of us in.  In the big cinemas it's usually about Nine pounds for one person.
It was an experience harking back to the old days.  The Rex also has an old organ and as we walked in the organist was playing old James Bond themes.  This was also played at the interval in the middle of the film.  Yes some old cinemas like The Rex still has an interval whereby a woman comes in and sells icecream,  plus let's the audience go to the toilets and get drinks.   Even hot drinks!

It all added to a better cinema experience.

Anyway onto the film which is Daniel Craigs forth venture as ultimate womanising secret agent James Bond - 007.
I have to admit I've really enjoyed Daniel as James Bond in all but one film which was Quantum of Solice which didn't engage me as much as Casino Royal, Skyfall and this Spectre.
If this is Daniels last outing as Bond as rumoured, then it will be a shame although this movie ties the other Bond movies of his together due (SPOILERS) to the other bad guys from his previous films who worked for Christop Waltz villain Blofeld  and part of his plan to bring down Bond.
It will also be a shame as they have world built so much with the new M - Ralph Fiennes, new Miss Moneypenny - Naomie Harris, and new Q - Ben Wishaw - all of which were only introduced in the last film Skyfall and all have larger roles in this one.

The movie feels like the older Sean Connery Bond films with sly nods to the past yet a new take on them.

From the excellent opening scene in new Mexico as he does a favour for an old friend it's the usual action Bond fare flitting from one exotic location to another (this annoyed me slightly as one glance from the screen and it's - "crap where is he now and why" - ha).

This film also introduces Daniel Craigs Bond with his best henchman to fight, Mr Hinx - David Bautista(from Guardians of the Galaxy) who seems to be a cross between old foes Oddjob and Jaws and keeps coming back.

I won't go into too much plot detail your best watching it.

Overall - An excellent Bond film which connects to Daniel Craigs other Bond films and seems to tie them up making you think it's his last one.  If it is they should rest Bond for a few years to refresh.  Probably best Bond for a while.

Score -   9/10

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