Monday, 14 August 2017

August Update - Writing again !

Hi folks

Hope your ok and still there?  I know I need to blog and write more often to keep the followers and build more.
Like I've said in a previous post I've had a lull and not written in ages.

But now I'm back - Writing again and enjoying it.  Although not working on the ghost story I started.  I thought to get my creative juices going I would write Fan fiction as I've had a Harry Potter story in my head for a while.
So I'm writing that.  It may be just the beginning or the whole thing I'm not sure yet.

What makes this difficult is that I've only read first book Philosopher Stone and just seen the films.  Not to mention the play sequel.
So my continuity may not be great but it just a writing practise and fun to do.
I really need to read the rest - soon - although got a large tbr pile..
 Hope JK Rowling doesn't take offence.

So as well as writing I will be back blogging more as I'm behind on a few things that took place this year and last year.

So upcoming in no particular order -

  • Spider-Man- Homecoming review.
  • Tribute to the great Helen Cadbury who sadly passed away last month but had the pleasure of meeting her twice.
  • Review of Helen's novel To catch a Rabbit.
  • Review of the Orenda books road show from earlier this year - very belated.
  • Review of last year's excellent Peter F Hamilton and Alistair Reynolds sci fi talk - even more belated.
  • Plus writing news and updates and competition news.

Hope you all enjoy.

See ya soon x

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