Wednesday, 6 September 2017

September Already!

Hi guys

Just a quick update on what I've been doing writing wise.

Sadly not a lot as I've been busy procrastinating again!

Have started a Harry Potter fan fiction story but done little else.

I've also not read as much as I have wanted and still reading Helen Cadburys To Catch A Rabbit.  This has taken me longer than I thought although I am enjoying it a lot.

I've also to catch up reading my magazines including Writing Magazine, SFX,  and Sci Fi Now.

I haven't even watched much television so that's not to blame either.  Currently watching Marvels Jessica Jones then moving to Daredevil.

The reasons why I've not written or read?

Been too tired mainly plus . ....

Watching Booktubes on YouTube.

These are videos of people reading books, opening presents of books discussing which books are on their TBR pile and book reviews.

They have me hooked especially Matt reviews Books and Lissa Loves Books and Kitty G plus many more.
Search them on YouTube if your interested.

Although need to get on reading my own books and writing and you never know they might review one book I've written in the future?

Fingers crossed.

Up next  -  Review of a three fantasy book talk from last week which included authors RJ Barker, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Genevieve Cogman.

See you soon peeps

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