Thursday, 1 March 2018

Happy World Book Day - plus update

Hi guys

Sorry post is a bit late as most of the day is over but hope your having a good World Book Day.

Being snowed in is the perfect time to catch up on reading (and writing) so hope you're getting some done.

I'm going to read shortly and over next couple of days finish "Bones in the Nest" by Helen Cadbury.  It's taken me far too long even though enjoying it but quite a lot has happened since I started it last October!

Yep that naff as it's not even a long book just about 350 pages.

Although not sure what to read next as I have the third and final Sean Denton book in Helen's series but missing my Fantasy books too much.

So may give crime a break and get back into Raymond E Feists Riftwar saga.
What you think?

What are you reading?

Anyway happy reading and writing guys and gals x

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