Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hi again

Well guys its been a while since I have blogged - not done much writing that all - will get back into my writing very shortly!
Got a few deadlines to keep to which are fast approaching  - eek
Got a short story competition to win a 10 day writers break in Skypos in Greece and the deadline is 1st of March - the theme is Happiness - haven't even started!
Also go a Novel competition to enter by 31st March to win a £25,000 contract and publishing deal - yippee!
Have written enough for that just to edit and send off - first chapter of that on blog!
Plus by December 2012 I to write a story for a Terry Pratchett Comp which is to be set on a Earth like ours but not - kind of a what if Hitler had won the war type thing!
So going to be busy!
Will post a Prologue of an abandoned story on tomorrow night!
C Ya

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  1. So pleased you are blogging again. You are going to be really busy with all those projects planned, can't wait to get the first look at all of them via the Writers Group. BTW Which is the novel competition to win £25k and can you send me the details of the Terry Pratchett Competition please? Thanks.