Friday, 8 June 2012

Twitter Challenge

Hi again people - sorry yet again not been on for a while - had a bad week or two drinking and having too much fun to blog let alone write so been naughty!
But will correct that and be back on track again!
Hope you are all well and either reading or writing - think alot of people who read this are from Twitter and also aspiring writers or avid readers - hope these blogs suit both!

Well been out a few times and been watching alot of Walking Dead Season 2 - got to say even though there has been a few slow episodes enjoyed it alot!
With that in mind I go a challenge last week from a drinking buddy from Brighouse called Phil who asked me to write a story with the following in mind:
"A well known local man is in his local but he died few week ago!  How is he there and why?"
So yep going the Zombie route with that one - lol - got a good idea for a small Shaun of the Dead stylee romp!  Will be writing it this weekend and hope to post either this weekend or next week!
Look out for it and happy reading - see you soon brothers and sisters! x

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  1. Look forward to reading this. Also, does this challenge apply to our Writers Group for the meet on Monday or are you going to set it on Monday? Let me know (and the others). Karen