Monday, 18 June 2012

Busy Writing Week ahead

Hi Guys

Wow now have 9 followers - that nearly double figures!  Need a few more peeps to follow me.
Haven't blogged for a while not written much but will be this week.
Need to edit and send my short story for Calderdale Short Story comp by this Saturday as closing date is looming - 6th July!!
Also need to write a short story for my mate Phil who challenged me to a short story based on a local guy in his local - problem is he died a few weeks ago! 
Am going to try do this for next Monday as I set the same challenge to my writers groups at Cleckheaton! eek
I also need to move forward on my novel The Wormhole Effect as my fellow writers at the group are leaving me behind and Dawn has even finished the first draft of her YA fantasy novel - well done Dawn!
So on that note I off to hunch over my laptop for the rest of the week tapping away furiously!

New story on soon folks! stay tuned - see ya - Neil

1 comment:

  1. Yeah like that happened lol get ur brain in gear and get writing hon x