Monday, 2 July 2012

New Blood:Hebden Bridge Author Event

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Can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I last blogged - how time flies - so scary! And I still haven't finished writing that short story for my mate Phil - although nearly there - the title for that is "Dead Drunk" - a debauched tale and Shawn of the Dead stylee comedy horror - lol
In the meantime have edited "Visiting Time" a gentle story of a son visiting his father who has alzheimers.

Well today I tried something different I went to the above Hebden Bridge New Author event with CWG (Cleckheaton Writers Group), Karen and Dawn and was pleasantly surprised.

It was an enjoyable talk from 5 new authors and quick Q &A at the end.  I have to admit none of the books were my genre - (Fantasy/Sci Fi/Horror/Action/Thriller) - but it was still good to hear how new authors went about their writing business and how they got published.  Although didn't really learn anything particlar new it was good to see and meet other writers. 
Shock, horror - I even bought a book - Peter Salmon's The Coffee Story - a comedy, drama set in Cuba and his reading of the book was quite lively.
Have to admit fancied the pants of Author Sophie Coulombeau who was there with her new novel Rites!
Gave the night 7 out of 10 - although would have given higher score if the woman who was working there didn't look so snooty - the CWG possie felt liked we were just in the way - although Peter as a charming guy and wish I had spoke to him sooner instead of leaving it until we were about to leave.

Karen kindly drove me home abandoning me in the wilds (joking Karen) whereby I had to make my way through a snail and slug minefield - never seen so many in my life - lol.

Will defo be going to more writers and author events in future - with that in mind - roll on Thursday PM when myself and the CWG crew head to Manchester to meet Mr Phillip Pullman of Dark Materials Trilogy - although never read any of his work will be a unique opportunity to meet and author of his standing (who writes fantasy).

Well until Thursday my faithful followers when I will be posting my review/thoughts on that.

Toodle Pip
Neil x

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  1. Can't wait to read a review of the Philip Pullman event in Manchester on your next post.