Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Amazing Spiderman

Hey Peeps

Haven't written anything as yet and got a Writers Group Challenge to do by next meeting 23rd July - eek
I also haven't got back to my novel The Wormhole Effect - need to get on with that - it's a million dollar idea - publishers should beg to publish it - ha ha

Well last night went to see the re-boot of Spiderman - The Amazing Spiderman - and have to admit wasn't all that amazed by it. 
Don't get me wrong the storyline was alright - although we had seen it only 10 years ago in the Tobey Maguire/Sam Raimi movies but that was it - couldn't get the earlier Spidey trilogy out of my head.  I think this was because it hasn't been more than 5 years since Spiderman 3 - it's still fresh in my mind - and probably my favourite Spiderman film so far.
The origin story to The Amazing Spiderman was very similar to the others - just a few tweaks here and there and was more focused on where his parents had gone - something I haven't seen before with the story.
As interesting as this was I just wanted Andrew Garfield who played Peter Parker to don the red and blue suit and to be fair he did play a very good Parker/Spidey - quite different to Tobey's.
By the end of the film I had warmed to him as the main guy - he seemed more vunerable - and got bashed about quite abit.
Ryhs Ifans was very good as the main villian of the piece as Kurt Connors/The Lizard - although his role with Parker was similar to the one in Spiderman 2 with Parker and Dr Octopus.

Overall then a good film but wasn't too amazing - bit slow to start but ended well although a longer fight with Spidey and Lizard would have been better across a few more skyscrapers - here's to the inevitable sequel - hinted at in the post credits - as this should be full steam ahead - 7/10

Also saw the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises - got a gut feeling by watching trailer Bain beats Batman and everyone finds out who he is as shows you Bruce Wayne in prison - who then goes on to kick Bains arse somehow - also ends up limping in trailer too -mmm
well hope aint done too many spoliers if any - see you next time folks

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  1. Mmmm, you said exactly what I thought the new Spiderman film would be like, but I may still see it because I like Andrew Garfield's acting style (loved him in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go). Too many spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises though, I don't want Bane to win, even if it is purportedly the last ever Batman.