Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Family Funeral

Hi yet again - 3rd time lucky!
Here is what I wrote for the Dialogue challenge my fellow CWG pal Dawn gave us.
There isn't suppose to be narrative and about 500 words - mine a little short - oops - but good practice nontheless as one of my weak spots - enjoy x

“You’ve a nerve showing up here!”
“Look I don’t want any trouble.  Besides she was my Nana too,”
“Yes but you haven’t seen her or any of the family for the last 6 years.  You ran off with that drug dealer.   I bet your high now?”
“No I’m not actually.  I’ve managed to sort my life out.  I kicked that drug dealer out, been to therapy and now got a job.  And I didn’t need your help big sis, or your support.”
“Then why are you here making everyone feel uneasy?  The family know that you are the black sheep.  You pinched from enough of them to feed your disgusting habits,”
“Because like I said she was my Nana too and I loved her lots.  I will miss her too.  Have many happy memories of her and I regret these last few years  but what I did is now in the past.  Besides no one here is perfect.  I covered for you enough times and your affairs.”
“You cheeky ......”
“And how is Derek?  Still oblivious?  Now if you don’t mind I have to pay my last respects to my Nana then will be gone.  Goodbye!”