Tuesday, 24 July 2012

CWG Meet 23/7/12

Well it's that time again whereby it was another Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) meeting - and a very successful one too - we welcomed Pauline - our newest member. 
She is into the same type of reading and writing as ourselves and currently writing a crime novel.  She also attends the Birstall Writers Group (greedy chops).
Pauline as well as Karen and Dawn shared their dialogue challenge writings - very good they were too and to be honest I not fantastic on dialogue - so was glad of the challenge - although I am a tight arse so instead of printing it out on paper using up my ink I will be featureing it next on the blog.

Daniel couldn't attend and missed out on the biccys I brought in (and took home and scoffed).  He also missed some What's On booklets Karen passed out to us.
We also discussed what we are currently writing on at the moment.
I hope to continue with my dimension hopping novel very soon, although my mate Phil has challenged me again to write a short story - the last one was write a story about a local guy in local pub but been dead 2 weeks - of which I came up with zombie comedy Dead Drunk.
Although think will write a story next with a female protagonist as Karen and Dawn pointed out I haven't written anything with a main female character and I liked the challenge - so in the meeting itself as I listened I came up with the image of a woman chained to a radiator in a cellar - my sick twisted mind eh folks?
So will be writing that this week and weekend - short story called Chained! 
I had some fantastic ideas on the hour and twenty minute walk home in the beautiful sun and countryside - my mind was alive (for once.)

Anyway next blog in couple of mins and it the dialogue challenge.  There has to be no narrative just dialogue.

Neil x


  1. Glad to hear you've taken the gender-swapping challenge on board, although sounds like you will be true to form with the horror side of things! I look forward to reading it (provided it's not too gory!) D :)

  2. That sounds like a fantastic short story and I love that it's going to be so dark (as you know, not a stranger to gore etc.)