Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Volunteer Day

Hi Peeps

How you all?  Hope you've been enjoying reading and writing at something - ha ha
Yet again haven't been on as much as would have liked but here I am now.

And what an interesting couple of weeks!

First up went to a house near Todmorden with my work to help out with the worst parts of the recent flooding they have been having.
Myself and some colleagues visited some poor blokes house which had been completly gutted.  The flood water had even washed away the support wall in the basement and we spent the best part of the day clearing out the possessions in the cellar and washing away mud left behind - it was a good experience and worthwhile helping people in these types of bad circumstance - hard work but made a big difference.

Best bit is Look North came to film us and I ended up on the tele last Weds 18th July - so had my 2 mins (or seconds of fame)
Tried loading a pic of me from the tele but no joy - was in a protective mask and gown - looked like a bad version of Bain from Batman - ha