Friday, 21 December 2012

That's All Folk's

Well the time has come - 21st December 2012 - for the END OF THE WORLD!!

I Suppose it had to come sometime though - although it would have been nice for it not to happen until Boxing Day at least that way could have seen what I got for Xmas!!

Not sure how it will end - Asteroid, mass flooding (already started in parts of England), social breakdown with rioting and looting and no law (that so last year).

Myself I'm hoping for either a virus breakout that turns a couple of millions into Zombies - Zombie Apocolypse sounds fun and a stress reliever as you bash a skull in - or
Solar Flare that knocks out all technology and we go back to dark ages - bow and arrow stuff - and it's like living in a David Gemmell novel - hard life but more fulfillings doing your own hunting, making your own house etc.

Well enough waffling in what may be the last post I do - enjoy the End.

To put you in the mood will re-post my Zombie comedy Dead Drunk for you!!


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