Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Joke

Hey guys

The weather outside is frightful!! Lol
 Although all this snow has given me the chance to update this blog and do some much needed writing on the Woman's POV story - Chained - thanks largely to being sent home from work early.  Long may the snow continue - could get a novel out of me that way!

What the snow also means is that CWG (Cleckheaton Writers Group) meeting has been cancelled tonight! Sob - look forward to them.

As well as doing some writing shortly I will also be reading Wizard's First Rule (still) and newest Writers Magazine which is chocka as it has a handy 2013 Writers Events section.

As you may all be at home for a while I will put a few stories of mine on here for you!

So pour yourself a hot tod, sit back, relax and enjoy.


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