Saturday, 26 April 2014

Another Flipping Update!

Hi Guys

Here's another quick update  -

Have just signed up to a free online 8 week Open University course which starts on Monday which is handy as I'm off work with broken foot!  Thanks to fellow CWG member Dawn for the heads up - not sure where she found out about it but feel all sophisticated and posh with it being Open University - ha ha

I'm also starting a short Zombie story which I am sending off to SFX magazine with the closing date of this Tuesday 29th April!!  Bit of a tight deadline but was going to just send Dead Drunk - a funny short story on this blog but it's over 1000 words too long for the submission - they only want work up to 1500 words and rather than chopping and editing it to death and spoiling it starting a new one based on my current situation - what would you do if you was incapacitated with broken limb as there is a zombie uprising?

So wish me luck on those 2 activities - I be busier than being at work - lol

Speak soon guys


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  1. Good luck with both of the above - can't wait to read the new story :)