Sunday, 13 April 2014

Flowers in Spring/ Writing doubts

Hi guys

As I briefly mentioned in my last blog - the Harlan Coben event I have been having doubts about writing in general - just haven't got into it and not done any for ages - but at last minute the following poem came into my mind - I like to think my Dad inspired me to get me to keep writing as he was a good poet and the last two lines of my poem sounds like lines which would come from one of his.

I not really a poetry fan and never really done any poems before - maybe that's evident but will share anyway - good or bad.  Enjoy.

Flowers in Spring

The smell of flowers in spring
Makes my heart sing

The colours of flowers
Gives my eyes extra powers

The touch of petals
As soft as baby skin

I would be grateful if

You could get me flowers in spring.

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