Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Similar Ideas!

Hi guys

Just another quick blog in between my writing course.

As you know as readers/writers there are only so many stories that can be told - usually stories about redemption, love, self discovery.  Obviously these same stories are told slightly different from different points of view and to the individual authors abilitys.
It's like guitar chords - there only so many and most songs sound the same as same chords used - looking at you Oasis - lol.

Anyway last night was flicking through channels and noticed a film on Pick channel about people going to another dimension - thought have a look see if similar to my novel in progress Wormhole Effect - and to my disbelief there were a few elements very similar like the machine used to take people into a different dimension - luckily that's where the similarity ended as it was a cheap budget film and they only went to the woods - I mean one planet based in woods with one creature that was abit like future predators in Primeval.

All the same it was a shock although it wasn't very good - like I said set in a wood with a couple of dodgy CGI monsters and no characterisation or decent dialogue - phew.

It was called Ferocious Planet - 2011 - starring Joe Flanagan - Major Shepherd in Stargate Atlantis - type cast as an army major - if you would have turned onto it you could have been mistaken it was Stargate Atlantis - lol - hope he moves onto better projects as good actor.
Also involved was John Ryhs Davies - another dimension hopper who used to be the Professor in the quite good Sliders t.v series - although he got killed early on - bit like his Sliders character!

Anyway rant over - just saying it frightening it is that you can be writing something you believe original then something comes along more or less same!


Neil x

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