Thursday, 5 June 2014

Amazing Spiderman 2 - Review

Well managed to get to see above which was a pain - literally -  Saw Amazing Spiderman 2 before it went out of the cinemas as been out a while now and nearly finished - just caught it.
Glad I did as is an improvement on Amazing Spiderman 1 and dosent go into Peter Parker's backstory too much just a bit about his missing parents at beginning but that is action packed and tense so it good.

All players in the story act well - Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter/Spidey and Gwen Stacey alot better than first one and Spidey has some good quips he dishes out to the bad guys.

Talking of bad guys I think Electro is very good and played well by Jaime Foxx especially as a geek similar to Peter who is very unlucky.  The thing I didn't like is that they were trying to copy the comics yet Harry Osbourn the son of Norman became Green Goblin first as Norman dies (or does he) near begininng.
Also Rhino was hardly on screen - for about five minutes at begining and end - but you can see they are setting it up for the Sinister Six Movie starring all the bad guys and Amazing Spiderman 3.

To sum up better than the first Amazing Spiderman movie but still can't warm to it as much as the Tobey Maguire/ Sam Raimi Spiderman films - still think was too soon for the re-boot although the special effects were better.
From poster below I think Vulture was going to be a bad guy in this film?

This would have been better maybe and have Goblin in last film with Venom.
Anyway improvement on first film.

Rating:  7/10

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